Sunday ‘meeting’ event at Harvey

As harvest begins to come to life, many normal activities will resume. To keep up with the times, to remember the various learning processes, the Harvey One Grade School Board has been raised.

We plan to be outdoors on Sunday from 1:00 pm to 1120 pm on Calvary Road.

We spoke to local bakeries and asked for the best homemade cakes to be brought to the hut west of the school from 12:30 pm on the same day. According to Paula Brown, these are judged by the ribbons presented. After that, anyone in attendance can walk from the school grounds to the cabinet at 1020 Caldwell Road and enjoy ice cream on top of the cake chosen for donation.

That is not all. No Siri. We, longtime fans and friends, John and Wanda Shimfif come with their Apple prints and good apple size. This will result in cider and, if you come, it will give you a chance to put some pressure.

A good time string band on the campus will bring a calm atmosphere. We do not have mountains to repeat or repeat the melody, but there is an old wave of meekness.

Amber Groves games are being played for young people in your family in social time. Find out if Janet Nance and Glenda Lawwood have craft plans for visitors. It has to be a secret, because I don’t even know it.

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