SunLive – Help establish the Katikati Horticultural Academy

After attending a series of meetings with Hillary Johnson, Kathyi’s Creative Garden Trust, Anne Owen, a Katyti resident, realized that there was a significant gap in her community.

Trust needed financial support to create an Academy of Fruit and Vegetable Development, which are nowhere to be found in the region.

For a retired nurse and real estate agent, Ann, this seemed like a no-brainer:

“It seems so obvious,” says Ann.

“Nowhere in the BPO region – the Kiwi Ifruit Industrial Center – provides education and training for fruits and vegetables. However, horticulture is critical to New Zealand’s economic growth – especially in hot climates and future water management issues – and it is important that future workers in this industry be well-prepared.

As the project struggled to raise funds for the construction of its own facility, Anne felt motivated to do something and made a generous donation through the Acor Foundation.

“They are now coming out of a leaking and damp building for their education. And all they want is a purposeful structure, ”she said.

“Knowledge is power. And gardening can be especially useful for students who do not like to read and write and numbers. Once they are involved in something like tissue culture, they should be able to read the instructions to follow them. Provides inspiration for serious reading and math. ”

Anne’s donation provided a real boost to the project and will greatly contribute to educational outcomes and prosperity in the region.

But surprisingly, this project is just the tip of the iceberg.

Former president of Katie Rotary, Ann continues to be involved in international development projects through Rotary, a voluntary donation through the local Church Bank.

Currently, Anna is distributing a fund with the Akor Foundation to Rotary to develop a school in the poor area of ​​Vanuatu, which gives her great joy as she progresses.

My donation comes directly from the investment return from my Acor Fund. Therefore, it is circulating in circles, earning the maximum value of a single coin. ”

Anne, who lives with her husband and a seven-month-old golden walker, says: “I don’t like waste.

“I live a very frugal lifestyle – I don’t have a very bright car and we live in a grocery store that costs $ 100 a week. Finally, they cannot take your money with you. I want to make sure I get the best price. ”

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