Sunu is preparing a home for Afghan refugees in the NHS

Gov. Chris Sununu New Hampshire says he is proposing to accept Afghan refugees after entering the United States.

More than 21,000 Afghan refugees have entered the United States in the past two weeks, and 50,000 are expected by September 15, General Glen van Herk of the U.S. Air Force told Fox News. They have been based in New Jersey, Fort Makoi, Wisconsin, Fort Bleis, Texas and Fort Lee, Virginia, at the Common Base Dix-McGuway-Lacharst.

The state’s two resettlement agencies are in the process of proposing to take refugees to New Hampshire. Description for WMUR.

“We are more than ever ready to support the efforts of Afghan refugees who have sacrificed their lives to help the US military in Afghanistan,” Sunun said in a statement.

Maine Governor Janet Mills has previously expressed interest in living with refugees. President Joe Biden has canceled a meeting with interested countries on Thursday. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Conditions for Afghanistan Before the CVID investigation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which provided humanitarian assistance, briefed the coast on the situation.

Upon arrival, the refugees will receive a full medical examination, including a COVID-19 test. Refugees are encouraged to follow CDC protocols on American grounds.

Reporter Dan Alexander at or Twitter @DanAlexanderNH

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