Superbena Imperial blue verbena is perfect for your garden

In heavy gardeners, such as blue, no color stimulates the senses. Of course we like orange, yellow, red and pink, but blue is a must-have color for mixed containers and baskets. It’s like sapphires in our pockets, like the one near the front door. That’s why I wanted to try the Superbena Imperial Blue verbena.

I not only analyzed my Imperial Blue supply for various baskets and containers, but also gave it to my son James in business. He beat me like a drum in the usual design, but for me I was used to it.

Superbena Imperial Blue will arrive in your garden in the spring of 2022. So be prepared when you hit the garden. I hope this new verbena is not enough for everyone who wants it. There is a reason why it is called Imperial. It is not short of color, it is blue that makes your heart spin.

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