Suri Garden Center announces 16 charities of the year

Squir has previously raised nearly ,000 18,000 for charities

Presented by Squire’s Garden Centers

The Suri Garden Center has selected 16 charities to support the 2021 and 2022 charitable programs of the year.

Squire’s Garden Centers with 16 stores around Suri, including inside Badshot Lea, Nearby Farmingham, Phyllis Tucwell, Competitors, Link Abel, JAC, Shooting Star, White Lodge, Royal Seri Charity and more.

Team members at each Squire Garden Center have selected the local charity they want to grow, and will be providing financial support throughout the year to raise awareness of the charity they have chosen.

“We believe it’s important to work with and be part of our local community, so every year our gardens support a local charity,” said Sarah Squire, president of Squire’s Garden Centers. Their hearts.

We help raise awareness of selected charities and raise funds for them. As always, we are very grateful to our customers and colleagues for their support and generosity in helping these bright environmental factors.

During the year, Squire’s Frensham Store chose Felice Tucwell Hospice, a charity based in the charity Farman.

Squares It was founded in 1936 by DJ Square as a landscape gardening business.

A full list of charities is available at Squire’s Garden Centers website.

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