Suri Statue Association returns to Savel Garden for its fourth annual “Art in the Garden” exhibition

Carol Orwin Cheetah Head

Presented by Suri Statue Association

Bright spring colors are set to form the perfect backdrop for the Suri Sculpture Association’s fourth annual ‘Art in the Garden’ exhibition at the Saril Garden, Egham, Serei, Serei, 22 to November 2.

Gardens are home to many wildlife in 35 hectares of natural beauty and tranquility in many, many interconnected gardens, forest farms and lakes.

Visitors will find strategically placed modern and traditional sculptures to make an impact as they follow the sculpture.

A total of more than 60 sculptures await the discovery of 42 artists in this world-famous garden.

“Art in the Garden” The show features sculptures created by members of the Suri Sculpture Association, from new and emerging sculptors to internationally acclaimed artists.

The sculptures on display will be in a wide range of materials and will create a focal point in gardens, storage rooms and markets. All sculptures were on sale during the event.

Nick Baker, chairman of the Suri Sculpture Association, said: “The Savard Garden“ Wisdom in the Garden ”exhibition is now a highlight of the SSS calendar and we are delighted to be here again to work with our talented team. The path to life.

“For the first time, there are some new members alongside our established, more experienced artists. As usual, we have a choice of medium, styles and sizes – so there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

“How nice it is to return to the wonderful Seville Garden in the fall,” said Andy Bendics, director of the Suri Sculpture Association Exhibition. We are thrilled to welcome you back after last year’s successful exhibition.

The new exhibition will be colorful, interesting and varied, and will include pieces that both adults and children love. There will be modern and traditional sculptures and many features that will delight garden and nature lovers.

The garden never fails to attract visitors and we are privileged to show our work in such a beautiful setting. ”

“I’m looking forward to another exciting art event in the garden with the Sori Sculptor Association, sculpture and horticulture,” said Michel Clive, director of Savard Gardener.

A beautiful place to escape and unwind in the quiet of the Savard Garden. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet together after a time of uncertainty and to enjoy the artwork in a very special place.

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