Suzanne Hannah’s legacy lives in a local community garden (6 photos)

Sault Ste. The Marie Horticulture Association has changed the community’s garden to commemorate someone similar to gardening in the region.

The Forest Heights Community Garden in the P-Pach neighborhood is now officially known as the Susan Hannah Memorial Garden.

Hannah died on December 2 at the age of 64.

During Monday’s naming ceremony, several people, including Lemix Compact Kathy Lemis, spoke highly of Hannah’s leadership qualities.

“I think of her interest and commitment, and I always expect nothing in return, always trying to identify someone or bring something back to the community,” he said.

When Mike Delfere was first hired to create a harvest harvest for United Way, Hannah was one of the first people in the community to come up with ideas and ideas on how to alleviate hunger in the community.

She wanted to take care of the garden, but they did not grow vegetables for no reason. And famine was the cause, ”Delpres told the crowd on Monday. “So Susan quickly took control of the area – what we do with the food we save, what we do with the food we grow. She gave us a lot of cooking utensils and helped us develop some programs to teach people how to cook – teach people how to garden and how to cook, so that they can take care of themselves and feed themselves.

“That was what we saw next to her. As you may have heard from many, she was the kind of person she could not resist. ”

Sault Ste. Loren Defazioio, a member of the Marie Horticulture Association, has known Hannah for many years, and she still feels very much at home.

“She was a community activist, a motivator,” said Defazio.

Heidi Kimment has at least three garden beds in what is now the Susan Hannah Memorial Community Garden. Before she met Hannah, she said that she had been in love with gardening, but that feeling grew because of Hannah’s influence. Kment now helps others with gardening advice.

“I really wish she were here. I miss her. But I really appreciate the community giving this park to her, ”said Kimen. She says, “Don’t do this to me, it’s okay.”

“She loved doing what she did, and that’s important. But she will be really happy, I think, in the end. ”

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