Swarovski tractors unveil mechanized solution to increase horticultural space

Swaraj Tractors, part of the Mahindra Group, on Thursday unveiled a nationally designed multi-purpose mechanization solution to boost the horticulture sector in the country.

According to CODE, the solution was conceived to eliminate labor involved in horticultural farming.

The narrowest and lightest riding machine, the 12 HP (petrol) codec, allows farmers in India to work in a narrow row for a variety of fruit and vegetable crops.

In addition, the short rotation radius of this machine provides better mobility in small orchards.

“The company is trying to come up with new solutions in the area of ​​fruits and vegetables, where there is not much mechanization at the moment … we really want to pioneer this place. They said.

He said the horticulture sector is important for mechanization in the country.

Currently, there is a lot of involvement in hand and animal labor in this sector, he said, adding that the company’s mechanization is a pioneering step. The company will announce the price of the product later this month, Chavan said.

Explaining the opportunity, he said the horticulture sector currently accounts for 30 percent of the country’s agri-GDP.

“The area is only 17 percent. People are lagging behind in this area because this activity is difficult. The harvest is very important and if a lot of land reaches the farm, the farmers will benefit,” he said.

Hemant Sika, President of Mahindra and Mahindra (Agricultural Equipment Sector), said the country needs to focus on increasing productivity as horticulture is growing in India’s Agri GDP for years.

“With the launch of CODE, we aim to provide affordable and new technologies to the farming community,” he said.

As the crop grows taller, it is possible to increase the ground clearance of the machine, thus reducing dependence on manual labor. In addition, the two-way feature makes it ideal for cutting pads in front of the machine.

CODE will initially be rolled out by smugglers in Gujarat, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh and Telgan, and will soon be rolled out in other states.


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