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Sylvia Nash Redwin
July 15, 1940 – August 30, 2021.
Raleigh, North Carolina – 81-year-old Sylvia Nash Redwin passed away peacefully on August 30, 2021. She was born July 15, 1940, in Rally, NC, in Roland and Josephine Nash. Sylvia graduated from Nodham Brenton High School in 1958. She continued her studies at Wake Forest University for the past two years, graduating in 1962 with a degree in home economics.
Immediately following college, Sylvia married Philip Ogden Redwin on June 16, 1962, and they lived with five strong, full-fledged children, Angel Redwin Stays (Bill), Philip Ogden Redwin, Jr. (Rebecca), and Nash Edward Redwin (Jessica). , Marlot Redwin MacMichael (Patrick) and Christine Redwin de Ronja (Frank). As long as Sylvia has spent her personal and professional life with plants and flowers, these fruits and vegetables have all faded in comparison to the beauty she and her 11-year-old grandchildren have had. From stealth and search to Easter egg hunting, to seeing Koiwan, Sylvia’s secret garden was the grandson’s paradise. The bitterness of their feet and the smiles echoing in the air were music for Sylvia’s heart and soul.
Sylvia has been replaced by Sawyer Redwine Styres by her parents, ex-husband and son.
Sylvia enjoyed her life in Raleigh, where she began working on a dynamic interior and exterior. In the basement of her Louis Club home, Sylvia’s green thumb began her small business, and the straw garden was turned into a grocery store at the Wyke County Court in Fayetteville Street Mall. Sylvia Plastcaps then moved to Strechland Avenue, a dairy farm, on a Rumblewood drive in a family backyard. For more than 20 years, Sylvia has been the mastermind behind the scenes of countless corporate offices, homes and yards in the triangle. She was a tireless and creative person who, first and foremost, cared for people and, secondly, created places to bring joy to others. She was unconditionally inclusive and loving, and therefore a family-centered environment flourished. There is no question that the most decorated businesses and houses during the holidays are inspired by Sylvia Pizza and luxury. After retiring, she created her own pole with the expensive dog on McDonald Lane.
Her love for all plants was equal to her love for animals, perhaps only dogs and not many cats and other animals. She had unlimited love for dogs and was blessed by many who loved and served her as loyal friends. She loved cooking for her friends, her family, and countless children. It was an open and welcoming home with an additional stream of children. Sylvia’s talents knew a few restrictions that could control every taste, whether sweet or salty. Sylvia left the kitchen to show someone the recipes and eat well all the time.
We miss her wild laughter and boundless sense of humor. Perhaps most of all, Sylvia’s loyalty and loyalty to her family and friends’ ran deep and wide, but she was equally involved with strangers. Sylvia had a unique style of decorating with the wonderful and interesting items she found during her trip, such as the one on the top of your London kitchen cabinet that reflected the windows of the church from New Orleans in her backyard. Sylvia was energetic and fearless. Along the way, you have deeply affected people by spraying tropical, tropical, marriage or coffins. It is the family’s real hope that her memory and example will be enhanced. We are indebted to a woman who lived with courage, who has worked tirelessly, and who has enjoyed her time here on earth, mourning the loss of us and many others. “Sylvia resisted compatibility and created her own way of meeting friends along the way,” says one lifelong friend.
We all lined up with smiles and no matter what the questions or desires, the caregivers of Sylvia, who honored our mother, could not have survived Redwin’s children for many years without the compassionate care given by the caregivers.
Family and friends meeting to celebrate Sylvia’s life at 11:30 am, Saturday, September 11 at the JC Raulston Arboretum, 4415 Beryl Rd. , Held at Raleigh. Services are held outdoors, so casual wear is welcome.
Gifts for Sylvia Children and Natural Heritage Gifts can be made for SAFEchild, Stop Child Abuse, or JC Raulston Arboretum,
Services provided by Bran-Win, St. Mary’s, Raleigh. Grievances can be made at

Published by News and Observer September 5, 2021.

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