The Armed to Urban Farming Program helps veterans transition to farming

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – In small lots and backyards, something is taking root in a program called Geared to Urban Farming. “We train veterans interested in urban agriculture with rural agriculture,” says Mike Lewis with the National Center for Appropriate Technology. Thanks to a partnership between the US Botanic Garden and other agencies, veterans are learning … Read more

Agricultural tourism is becoming an attraction in Berea.

Andy McDonald Berea Tourism Motor Coach Ethan Sima When you come into town by bus, you want to see traditional artisans at work or eat at local restaurants like the historic Boone Tavern Inn. So, last August, when a South Dakota tour group wanted to see what Berea had to offer in farm tourism, Sima … Read more

Lawyers work to help farmers overcome mental health issues


As winter approaches, mental health professionals say they’re stepping up their efforts to reach farmers who need help coping with stigma. NY FarmNet, founded at Cornell University, is one local group that provides resources to farmers who lack support networks. The CDC says farmers are 150% more likely to die by suicide than the general … Read more

AGS Ahead Week: Traders Watch News on Black Sea Grain Agreement | Market screen

Key agricultural commodity markets for the week of October 24-28 by Dr Jones Newswires in London. By Will Horner Cereals and oilseeds The future of Black Sea grain production is shaping up to be a key issue for agricultural markets this week, with South American farmers focusing on the weather and macroeconomic developments such as … Read more

Svanda, Yard helps create UNL agricultural publication

LINCOLN – Sophia Svanda and Mikaela Yard have been stellar students throughout their time at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. They used their intelligence, ingenuity, and writing skills to create an important document for UNL’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. The two Cass County natives wrote “Nebraska’s Stress Relief: Solutions for Land, Soil, Water, People … Read more

A community garden connects residents with nature

CARROLLWOOD – There are countless benefits to gardening and more Hillsborough County residents are seeing improvements in their mental health as well. The Village Institute for Sustainable Technologies and Agricultural Parks, a 3.31-acre park at 13572 S. Village Drive, Tampa, offers membership to gardeners of all experience levels. There is also a great social aspect … Read more

Community gardens, urban farms spread across Omaha.

Mary Carpenter, who grew up on a hill overlooking North Omaha during World War II, remembers many gardens, Victory Gardens, in her Florence neighborhood. “Everybody had it,” said the reporter’s daughter-in-law, Carpenter. “We grew everything – asparagus, potatoes, tomatoes, blackberries, pears, even grapes. That’s what fed us and supplemented our diet.” In the decades that … Read more

Southern Gardening: Unique Coprosma garden, offers garden opportunities

During my recent tenure as Mississippi State University Extension Specialist, I had the opportunity to promote horticulture and bring great tips from friends in Florida. On Saturday I hosted Better Lawns and Gardens on WFLA-Orlando with my great friend Teresa Watkins. We answered questions and shared great gardening and landscaping tips for two full hours. … Read more

Sign up for the Master Gardener Volunteer Program

Kathleen Ku Many Nebraska Extension Master Gardener Volunteers (NEMGV) are ramping up their projects for the 2022 gardening season. The Master Gardeners who manage Growing Together Nebraska Gardens donated 536 pounds of produce to food pantries in Washington County and 2,858 pounds in Dodge County, increasing access to fresh food for the food insecure. Master … Read more

Audubon FFA competes in soil evaluation professional development events.

Audubon Ag 2 (Soil and Plant Science) classes and FFA members are participating in district and state competitions by evaluating soils. Every student in Ag 2 classes participated in the district event. The event is designed to give students an opportunity to demonstrate their agricultural knowledge and skills in soil evaluation. The soil assessment professional … Read more