mysuru: DC Launches 3 Day Annual Mango Mela in Misuru | Mysuru News – Indian Times

MYSURU ፡ FEMALE: The three-day annual Mango Mela – 2022 kicks off Friday at the Mysuru Palace in Mysuru Palace, Kuppanna Park, to provide direct marketing to producers by the District Administration, Zilla Panchayat, Karnataka Mango Development and Marketing Board and Fruit Growth Division. City. Mela will be open to the public from 9 a.m. … Read more

Climate rain Winter, cold weather can hit mango production | Visakhapatnam News – Indian Times

Visakhapatnam: Delay flowering of mango trees in some parts of Andra Pradesh, especially in Kክርṣናa and Visዚያiግራramም districts, may affect production and prices in the future.Due to the heavy rains and the bad weather in the area, the flowering delayed for more than a month, slightly affecting the fruit.Kሽṣናa and Vizanaጋራgar are also among the … Read more

Mango from shelf to line re-shelf | Visakhapatnam News – Indian Times

The US Government has received permission from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to export Indian mangoes to the United States during the new season. Indian mango exports restricted to US in 2020The USDA approval opens the way for the export of traditional mango belts from Andra Pradesh. While many countries import mangoes according … Read more

From Vadodara – Indian Times 365 Days Mango Festival

Vadodora: This news is the best honey for the hardy mango fans who can’t get enough mango season every year. Thanks to Mango Farmer, Ajit Takor, near Vadorara, who answered your prayers and made the King of Fruits really untimely and happy for the Barodists all year round. So much so, that in a few … Read more