46th Annual Georgia Peanut Show and Farm Bill Hearing Begin – AG INFORMATION OF THE WEST

46th Annual Georgia Peanut Show and Farm Bill Hearing Begin I’m Bob Larson with Ag Information Network, Agribusiness Update. ** At the 46th annual Georgia Peanut Show last month, peanut growers heard several policy updates. According to www.gfb.org, one of them is National Peanut. Encourage board members to beat the Feb. 21 deadline to ask … Read more

A Stafford farmer introduces ‘farm life’ to regional students

Jeff Adams likes to use the farm as an outdoor classroom and has plenty of room for more students. “I’m trying to fill a void that public schools don’t fill,” Adams said. Adams, 68, owns Walnut Hill Farm in the 400 block of Kellogg Mill Road in Elm Springs, Stafford County. He is a former … Read more

Junior Animal Show to prepare young people for life

Senior Kara Woodford, a Cherokee County Junior Animal Show winner, sat down to discuss the importance of her show experience. Not only does she enjoy overcoming obstacles but she also enjoys the friendships she has built with those involved in farming projects. In addition, she wants to share her knowledge with others. “As an adult, … Read more

Student hard work at the Smith County Junior Animal Show costs money

Haile Perez has been exhibiting animals at the Smith County Junior Animal Show for seven years. She said she was grateful to the 16-year-old at Tyler Legacy High School for seeing her and the community coming together. “I enjoy raising animals,” she says. “You take the time and effort to work with them, and you … Read more

Fearless Kitty Hunter Pet Memorial Rock Garden

Fearless Kitty Hunter Memorial Rock Garden Photo courtesy of the cowardly kitty rescue Unsafe Kitty Rescue, Unsaved Cats Rescue Community Pet Memorial has started and is inviting the community to participate. Kim Camins, president and CEO of Courageless Kitty Madan, said: We are taking it. Any Animals – dogs, cats, horses, hyenas, rabbits – There … Read more

Some of the greatest hearts out there

By Dan Mundt. WESCO is looking for volunteer opportunities for WAVE members WESCO Industries is looking for volunteer opportunities for members of WAVE, the club house-model day service. “WAVE ‘refers to health, acceptance, voice and encouragement. “This is an adult day service program for people with disabilities.” WAVE has about 60 active members who are … Read more

Eltem Sustainable Garden Features in a New Garden-Sharing Platform

Aaron and Melissa Jacobson offer garden tours and workshops for those who want to learn more about small insect farming techniques. Photo / provided “No one loves me. Everyone hates me. I am going down to the garden to eat worms.” When Melissa and Aaron visit Rawhitiroa’s house, these opening lines from the old nursery … Read more

WW Saul Saul School Student Success History School

Philadelphia – Walter B. Saul is the largest agricultural science school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Interestingly, it is located in the Roxborough area of ​​Philadelphia on Henry Street, both urban and rural. For eight decades he attracted and trained students for agriculture or high school. In addition, today’s graduates are employed in the hi-tech business. Saul’s … Read more

Letters -Protection and Energy Production

Protecting our wildlife September was good news for our wildlife heritage – bad news. The federal registry says that under the Trump administration, the protection of the most vulnerable migratory birds will be restored under legal action, but more than 20 species of animals and one flower have been officially extinct. Among the extinct birds, … Read more

Calhoun County 4-H offers many programs

Calchon County 4-H is not just about raising animals for the Calhoun County show. The organization recently held an open community evening to showcase all the changing programs offered to young people in the area. According to Emily de Dunn, County Extension Representative for 4-H and Youth Development, an estimated 25 guests attended the 4-H … Read more