The new invading pest is horrible, floating, and now in Illinois

Jacksonville – If the name is not enough to get a person out – jumping worms – invasive species can cause damage to the soil. And now they are confirmed in Illinois. The invasive gene has an insatiable appetite for food, which, in turn, turns the soil into coffee grounds. The loose, grain-like soil left … Read more

Ocean City students learn when to plant a butterfly garden

Volunteers and pre-school staff work with children to plant a butterfly garden on the ocean town tent camp. The garden provides food and shelter for royal butterflies and other species. Plans are to add more native plantations to the ocean city. Volunteers and pre-school staff work with children to plant a butterfly garden on the … Read more

Ready for the exhibition – Rural children will learn life lessons in months in preparation for the annual event

It was a great day for Jalin Stangler and Sophia Sánchez, and Mi Michel Najar knows it. She knelt on the ground next to the 9-year-olds, blocking the movement around them, and reminding them of everything they had learned over the past few months, reassuring them that they would be fine. Minutes later all eyes … Read more

The Polk County show is back to basics

Rickrell – Tina Anderson believes the Polish County highways cost about $ 450,000 after all 2020 activities were canceled due to the pandemic. However, the justice manager will not be offended by what he cannot do this year. Instead, as the theme “Return to Our Roots” shows, the Polk County show will be on air … Read more

For local 4-herders, it is more than fair

As they celebrate the return of the local 4-Heres Lyon County show, they are quick to remind people that there is so much youth organization. 4 – H is a joint venture company with more than 100 public universities. In Kansas, 4-H is overseen by the K-State Research and Extension Office through local extension offices. … Read more

The squirrel killers are not in the backyard, they are in our backyards

If you listen closely, you may hear the annual Sikada singing their songs in the trees. Some may even hear the “alarm” signal they are using when they are being attacked. What if these big hempes are scared? That will be the Sikada killer wasp – special parasites, hunting, biting and paralyzing the Sikada, then … Read more