Gardening reduces risk of disease and mental health disorders: Study

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A team at the University of Colorado found that people who participated in gardening were more active and showed signs of stress and anxiety. New Delhi,Updated: January 24, 2023 18:12 I.S The researchers found that people who gardened ate more fruits and vegetables than their peers. (Photo from Getty Images) By Daphne ClarenceLifestyle is often … Read more

Community gardening plays an important role in preventing cancer and mental health disorders

Get more exercise. Eat right. Make new friends. In the year As we compile our list of resolutions aimed at improving physical and mental health in 2023, a new CU Boulder study suggests that one addition may have a powerful effect: gardening. In the first, randomized, controlled trial of community gardening, funded by the American … Read more

Plants and nature can improve your mental health

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Giger is not alone. Studies have shown that during the pandemic there was a huge increase in the purchase of indoor plants and that having plants around or getting green outdoors improved the mental health of individuals. A recent survey of 353 students conducted over two semesters in 2020 found that most students experienced “severe … Read more

Gardening can promote better mental health.

Scientists at the University of Florida have found in a new study that gardening promotes better mental health, and that people can experience mental health benefits from working with plants — even if they’ve never gardened before. More gardening activities reduced stress, anxiety and depression in healthy women who attended gardening classes twice a week. … Read more

Anxiety completely consumed my peace of mind – until I found a garden

While I am generally concerned, especially with a high degree of responsibility, the O.D. And it’s horrible. I feel a constant urge to make sure nothing hurts my loved ones – or relatively strangers. Because if something bad happened that could lead to my bad fall, I could not forgive myself for not preventing the … Read more

Dam frustration is compounded by drought

Two years after the decision to demolish the walls of the dam, CANEGROWERS said the lack of future direction for the reservoir will increase the impact of the region’s drought by 2022 and beyond. CANEGROWERS ISC Chairman Mark Mamino has once again called for a 50% reduction in water prices for fruit and vegetable crops … Read more

Watch now: Bretes, breweries, bands and fans return to Awakening Day

Members of the UW Marching Band will stop at the Sconi Bar on Regent Street before the opening of the weekend between Wisconsin and Penn State. Amber Arnold, State Journal Jeff Donovan, 65, spent some time throwing football around the park with his former grandson Conner Murray and Johnson Creek’s father, Eric Murray. Donovan is … Read more