Find Eve, a robot fruit picker who came here to ‘solve a big problem’

Winter has arrived and apples in Ardmona have been picked for the season, but wait for a row reserved for Eve. Highlights: Robotic fruit picks have been accelerated by the federal government for business This robot picks fruit on its own and picks fruit next harvest. Farmers hope it will help solve a chronic labor … Read more

John Paul and Adam Bager, from Asperger, Pennsylvania

Family Background Both Adam and John Paul were part of a fifth-generation family managing their own farm. John Paul went to Penn State University and Adam went to Bluesburg University. They are the children of Cindy and Chris Bowger. Age /John Paul, 29, blue shirt, and Adam, 32, gray shirtGrower /Aspers, PennsylvaniaCrops /Apple, Coconut and … Read more

Growers in the Kashmir Valley are eager to share in the Apple Wind.

With its rich crop production, growers are growing apples in the Kashmir Valley. Over the past three years, 607 hectares of Kashmir has been cultivated. Both normal and high density seedlings were planted in the newly formed garden. Director General of Fruits and Vegetables, Ajaz Ahmed Bhat, said, “High-yielding plants have been planted on 316 … Read more

John Cripps, the world-famous creator of Pink Lady Apple in Western Australia, has died at the age of 95.

John Cripps, a Western Australian man known as Pink Lady Apple Arby, has died at the age of 95. Highlights: John Creeps Ao was the inventor of the Pink Lady Apple apple, the result of 25 years of research. The Apple Growth Industry is recognized as a “remarkable contribution”. When the Rose Lady apple is … Read more

The Apple Industry offers sweet work to single parents

Borrel Watene (front) is having fun with the T&G pilot program. Pictured are other parents, T&G staff and Maori Development Minister Rob White (right). Photo / Paul Taylor Borle Watene, a single parent, was waiting for a new job when he returned to Hawke’s Bay. Watene has the right to raise his two children and … Read more

Dry alphabet bothers apple growers in Hichal.

Apples and horticulturists are worried about the unusual tropical weather in March, as dry witchcraft can have a negative effect on flowering and fruit set. Read also: The Himalayan First Ethnobotanical Park in Una “If the dry weather continues, it could lead to crop failure on apples,” said Hem Chand, co-director of the state’s fruit … Read more

Bihar to grow apples in 7 districts, project work begins on January 19

PATNA ፡ day Inspired by the success of some Apple farmers, the Behar Fruit and Fruit Department has decided to launch a pilot project to grow fruits in seven woredas of the state. According to Director of Horticulture Nand Kishor, seven districts, including Vasali, Begusaray, Bhagalpur, Aurangabad, Samastipur, Kathhar and Muzafarpur, have been identified to … Read more

Kashmir apple growers ready to compete with Iranian apple, but not ready to compete with duty-free Iranian apples

For years, 35-year-old Adnan Khan apple has been dumped in a cold storage facility, delaying sales when it gets higher in the Indian fruit market. The government has supported the cold storage chains set up in Kashmir to help growers store apples for a longer period of time without sacrificing quality and sell them at … Read more

Illinois cider makers invited to compete in annual Illinois Cedar Competition

Bloomington, Ill. – Following the cancellation of last year’s competition with copyright restrictions, Illinois Apple cider makers will have another chance to see who makes the best cider. The much-anticipated 32nd Annual Cedar Competition and the 19th Annual Hard Cider Contest will once again be hosted by the Springfield Illinois Special Crop Conference and sponsored … Read more

[Corona ni Makeruna] Harvest brings apples from Japan to France, designed with famous images

~~ ~ On October 26, apple boxes and other designs decorated in front of French President Emmanuel Macron were shipped from the Japanese capital Apple, Hirosaki, to France. Sato Fukuroten Co.Ltd, an agricultural equipment vendor in Hirosaki, North Aomori, prepares these apples for an annual volunteer exchange between Japan and France. The apples are adorned … Read more