5Ws + 1H እንዴት How to do a simple step: Pest control at home, in the garden.

Ants, flies and termites are unwelcome visitors to local homes and gardens. Pest control calls can usually solve these problems, but indoor options can get rid of these tricky slippers. At Tahlequah Farmers’ Co-Op, longtime sales writer Kathy Schmidt gives advice to homeowners who want to take the do-it-yourself approach. “Most pest control companies buy … Read more

Domestic exporters should focus on the quality of agricultural products – VJ Ragavan

The government’s chief scientific adviser, Vijaya Ragavan, suggested to local exporters that the quality of agricultural products be the biggest challenge for exporters in the country. He said quality, control and market analysis on agricultural, fruit and vegetable exports is very important. Citing FIEO Ragavan, he said: “This is still the biggest challenge for our … Read more