Outrage over New Year’s Eve prices to watch fireworks

The high cost of some views to watch Sydney Harbor’s New Year’s fireworks has led to calls for fees to be scrapped or reduced. Attendees must spend $595 to see the spectacular scenery from the Royal Botanic Gardens, which is free any day of the year. This includes “plenty of entertainment throughout the night, free-flowing … Read more

Price increase: flood to add fruit, vegetable costs at the checkout

Consumers have been warned that fruit and vegetable prices could rise after flooding damaged key agricultural areas in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. Premier Anthony Albanese is visiting flood-hit areas in Victoria and NSW and says continued rain will drive up prices. “Unfortunately there was such a good crop expected in wheat, fruit and vegetables, most … Read more

When will robots harvest fruit?

As the Australian Government’s Skills Summit approaches, the UK Department of Agriculture has published an expert report on automation and the potential to transform workforce productivity in the horticulture industry. In the year In 2019-2020, Australia’s horticulture industry – which includes fruit, vegetables, nuts, flowers, grasses and nursery products – had production values ​​of more … Read more

New Zealand to open borders ahead of schedule | Business

After more than two years of isolation from COVID-19, New Zealand is opening its international borders to some travelers, Prime Minister Jassinda Arder said, adding that tourist flows will boost the country’s economy. The change comes months before the end of last week’s program, one of the toughest border controls in the world during the … Read more

Jobs Aussies Hate can increase wages.

A new proposal has been put in place to ensure that workers are protected from wage theft. Critics say it could lead to more people complaining. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. It is a common occurrence for many foreign workers in Australia to suffer in silence … Read more

Another half is looming.

Farmers who grow half of a region’s potatoes, many of which are intended for fresh chips, have lost their crops in the wild. Farmers have warned that there could be a shortage of potatoes in the area after a devastating cyclone hit major Victoria. The region north of Balarat produces about half of the state’s … Read more

Gardener Peter Cudal has died at the age of 94

botanical gardensIMG 7784 nicoleaalley

Peter Kundall, a gardener who has been sharing his passion on television for 39 years, signed it in 2008 and died in Tasmania, where he grew up at the age of 94. Kundall, host of the long-running ABC television program Guardian Australia, was a self-taught gardener who helped countless Australians design and grow their gardens. … Read more

Horticulture industry brackets hit for margins

Hourly King Anthony de Pitro told Australia Ag Podcast that the cost of inputs, supply chain issues and labor shortages were at an all-time high. Listen now Rising fertilizer and chemical prices, supply chain issues and industry-wide labor exploitation are expected to significantly affect the profitability of fruit and vegetable growers. Managing Director of Laman … Read more

Dragonfly to partner with magnetic lighting technology for large indoor growth in Utah

Copyright 2021 PR Newswire. all rights reserved2021-11-09 San Diego, November 9, 2021 (PRNewswire-PRWeb) – Agnix, a leading provider of smart horticultural lighting technology, has been selected as the first light partner in Dragonfly, one of the few licensed by the state. Utah. Dragonfly’s 108,000-square-foot indoor and greenhouse breeding agnics showcases modern, high-energy, and liquid-cooled lights. … Read more

Internal track distress immigration

In the media Safe overseas travel ticket Starting October 19, 2021, Australians with Australian legal passports and COVID-19 vaccines registered in the Australian Immunization Register will be able to obtain an international COVID-19 vaccine certification. The international immunization certification will allow fully vaccinated Australians to leave Australia and travel internationally in line with the National … Read more