In Bengalgu, other parts of the government are expected to receive heavy rains

According to the Department of Meteorology, increased rainfall could affect crops in various parts of Karnataka. He issued a yellow warning on Monday in isolated areas of Bengalguur and other districts such as Ramanagaram, Chikmagalu and Chitradurga. The Indian Meteorological Office in Bengalru said in a statement on Sunday that light to moderate thunderstorms are … Read more

Karnataka Floods Kill 12 in One Week, Crop Losses Affect Farmers

Bengalru At least 12 people and more than 400 animals have been killed in torrential rains in Karnataka between May 15 and 21, according to the Karnataka State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA). Due to the rains, more than 7,000 hectares of crops and 5,736 hectares of fruit and vegetables were damaged and the economic stagnation … Read more

Rain can cause eggs to hatch earlier, so it will increase the snake sight in Bengal

These views are mostly reported from newly constructed areas as well as areas where civic work is taking place. These views are mostly reported from newly constructed areas as well as areas where civic work is taking place. In addition to the common problems such as falling trees and power outages, this month’s heavy rains … Read more

Annual Mango Mela returns to Bengalu after two years

After two years, Rajander Kumar Cataria, secretary general of the Karnataka Vegetable and Fruit Department, said he would prepare mango mela in Lalbag in late May or early June. Mela has not been vaccinated for two years due to the Covide-19 epidemic. This year, eight to ten varieties of mangoes are expected, including Alfonso, Raspuri, … Read more

Blaming the spirits of the past is not effective in protecting the Bengalru lakes

In a recent report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) cited a study by Dr. Hita Unconvention, which said urban development has damaged traditional reservoirs in Bengalgu communities. He has worked extensively at the Institute of Postgraduate Studies at the City Institute, Sheffield University and the Faculty of Visiting Faculty at Azim Primji University … Read more

5 luxury hotels near Bengalu to book New Year’s Eve

Get close to nature with this luxurious property in the jungles of the Saheidri Hills. While you’re at it, practice coffee. Take a guided herbal tour, buy coffee-scented candles, and taste a fresh cup of coffee every morning. In the nearby town of Mudigere, the weekly Shandi Market is home to fresh spices and local … Read more

Documentary on Krumbiegel | Entertainment

A documentary on historical landscape architect GH Krumbiegel, which enhances the beauty of Bengalru, Masuru and Vadodra, will be released on Monday, with his grandson saying, “The story is finally told.” . “The German gardener of Maharajaja” was filmed in seven Indian cities in addition to London and Dresden to bring life to India’s much-loved … Read more

Heavy rains have increased vegetable prices throughout Karnataka.

The wholesale price of tomatoes in Kolar, 60 miles[60 km]from Bengalru, has risen sharply. ₹140 Over the past 15 days, according to traders from the district, supply has been declining as rains have hit the affected region. From the surrounding mass ₹By the end of October, 5-20 kilograms, prices are now hovering. ₹80-140, Traders are … Read more

BBMP to build extinction wells in JP Bio-Diversity Park

Bengalru: The BBMP Horticulture Division plans to build deep wells in Jaiparash Naran Park to conserve rainwater in the parks. This is part of the BBMP’s plan to build 90 deep wells in the city’s parks. The project is being implemented in partnership with a non-profit organization, United Way of India and Kenemetal India, which … Read more

Hopcoms promotes home supply of fruits and vegetables in Bengalu

According to an official, the project will be implemented in all areas of Bengalulu if successful. With the launch of the new home supply service by Horticulture Producers Cooperative Marketing and Processing (Hopcoms) on Monday, August 30, Bengali people can now order and deliver products such as fruits and vegetables from Hopcoms to their doorsteps. … Read more