Risk management skills in agriculture for Kansas women

Registration for a four-part workshop in three dozen locations in Kansas has opened for farmers and ranchers to deal with volatile grain and inputs. This workshop will be held in person at Clay Center Kansas. Kansas Women ‘s Risk Management in Agriculture It covers a wide range of topics, including production costs, the use of … Read more

Woman 4-H remembers how she helped her future

Kelly Abraham recalls tractor racing. She won the Burt County Show in Oakland by riding the 4020 Ride 4020. The 14-year-old beat all the male competitors. β€œIt was fun,” she said. β€œA little boy said to his older brother, ‘You have been beaten! ‘I remember saying. I will never forget that. ” Since then, Abraham … Read more

For local 4-herders, it is more than fair

As they celebrate the return of the local 4-Heres Lyon County show, they are quick to remind people that there is so much youth organization. 4 – H is a joint venture company with more than 100 public universities. In Kansas, 4-H is overseen by the K-State Research and Extension Office through local extension offices. … Read more