Moore: Gardens and Grandparents

As a kid, I used to hate gardening. If you were standing on the porch behind us, it was to your left. He took over the corner of our large courtyard. For me, gardens were work and nothing more. It wasted valuable play time from planting, weeding, harvesting, and tin. The villagers and I took … Read more

Wilmington College announces $ 45 million fundraising campaign

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Wilmington College launches a record $ 45 million fundraising campaign this spring on investing in people, living environment and sustainable development. WW President Trevor M. Bats announced 89 percent – $ 40,009,906 – in a “pre-emptive” initiative. He shared the college case for support. “Students have changed at Wilmington College. They are changing because they … Read more

Walter Hood Pages for Mysterious Landscapes of Past and Future

As chronic diseases grow and exercise among Americans dwindles, it is clear that the physical condition of a community has an impact on the health and well-being of its residents. Studies show that life expectancy and quality of life are closely linked to social and built-up environments. We do not need research to determine whether … Read more

Schmidt: Plant a victory flower garden for Ukraine

Lynn Schmidt St. Louis Post-Mail It was not too late for Americans to plant gardens during the war to fill crops and show solidarity with troops fighting overseas. Americans can show our solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Ukraine by planting sunflowers in the Sunflower Victory Garden this spring. During World War I, when … Read more