More than 300 empty West Louisville lots can be community backyards.

Louisville, Ky (WAVE) – There are hundreds of vacancies in West Louisville. Most are covered with garbage and weeds. Someone wants to fill them with community gardens instead. Wayne Long is a representative of the Jefferson County University of Kentucky University Collaborative Extension Service. A special project is underway to collect soil samples in those … Read more

The downtown community offers fresh produce to downtown neighborhoods

(St. Joseph, mo. Daniel McGagy, the founder of the Midda Community Garden, began caring for the garden in a stressful way. A.D. In 2017, she turned her hobby into a downtown St. Joseph’s fresh produce shortage. “Instead, go to the dollar general or fast stop. High-calorie, unhealthy, here are the options. Fruit, vegetables, free. All … Read more

The 72-year-old Peninsula landowner uses his garden to develop a community close to Mississippi Joe

East Palo Alto, California (KJO) – Vegetable can provide food for the family. However, there is a special garden on the peninsula that feeds and nurtures neighbors for three generations and brings together the community. Mississippi goes by the name of Joe. And this is what you get every day by taking care of the … Read more

A community garden fighting food insecurity in Anderson

Anderson, S.C. (WSPA) – The eastern part of Anderson has been known for many years as a food desert. Gregory Burns, a resident, said: “There are a lot of homeless people here who can’t afford these kinds of things. Many people in the food desert are stuck in a cycle of eating unhealthy and refined … Read more

Maryilville High School students love community gardening

Abigail Ellis, Left and Donnelly Day turned the pea into a large plant in the Maryvilleville High School community garden. John J. Watkins, Times MERILVILIL – Merilville High School classes ended that day, but ninth-grader Donnelly stayed. Day and two other students on Tuesday, planting potatoes, onions and other vegetables in the garden beds east … Read more

A new community gardening community will help develop Milwaukee-based violence solutions

Milwaukee – Violence in the News of the Year In the news, a new community garden and water park near the 13th, will help encourage young people to get their hands on the ground instead of waking up. “You know the community is healthy when you hear the screams and laughter of the children in … Read more

Here is what the $ 180,000 Roanoke Community Garden Investment means for your area

Roanoke, V. – LEAP Community Gardens is receiving $ 180,000 from Roanoke City. We first told you about investment in Virginia today, Thursday, and many of you were wondering what this meant for your community. We take your questions to LEAP Community Gardens Manager Davy Rogner Stewards. Under the U.S. Recovery Plan, LEAP has received … Read more

Student volunteers make big investments and set up community gardens.

Roanoke, V. – The city of Roanoke is investing thousands of dollars in community gardens in the city. “Our school does a lot of community projects,” said Natalie Escler, a 10th-grade student. She volunteered with Cornerson Classic Academy with other students at LEAP Community Garden on Campbell Avenue. “These gardens have been potential for the … Read more

Deli City Housing Development Plans Compressing Popular Community Garden

Dali City (Kipx 5) – A big change is about to take place in the town of Sarmonte del Ray, Dali City. The Jefferson Union High School District is renovating outdated facilities and replacing them with faculty and staff apartments, eventually making the site a 6-story residential complex, including a 14-story building. Read more San … Read more