A cultural flower education course connects Aboriginal students with country.

Cultural floriculture course graduate Gemma Lloyd said the skills she learned while meeting other people in the Illawarra was an eye-opening experience. Main points: The Illawarra course is the first of its kind and the first for the region. It aims to provide professional floristry work in a culturally unique way. There are plans for … Read more

Resilience thrives on urban farming in Minneapolis

Alex V. Sipol In a North Minneapolis community garden, a monarch rests against a backdrop of plants and rocks. On a recent summer afternoon, a Monarch butterfly sits on an orange zinnia in North Minneapolis. The monarch – now an endangered species – is joined by crickets, bumble bees and other pollinators, vines heavy with … Read more

Increase your knowledge

The Virginia Symposium Garden Club brings together experts on all things botanical. Françoise Weeks’ fodder couture and Robert Llewellyn’s unusual microphotography – all savor plant-inspired eye candy. Both were featured at the Garden Club of Virginia Symposium 2022; Increase your knowledge, September 20-21, at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond. Free and ticketed programs … Read more

Bitcoin is free from the walled garden of the Fiat system.

This is an opinion editorial by Daily News writer Andrew Kerr, who takes a deep dive into the revolutionary nature of Bitcoin. The concept of a potted garden is not new; They have lived for hundreds, if not thousands of years. A precious garden enclosed by high walls serves many purposes, including protection from animal … Read more

The spectacular immersive light and music experience returns to illuminate the Houston Botanical Gardens

An internationally acclaimed holiday lights/music event; The appearance of lightHe makes his much-anticipated return to the Houston Botanical Garden this summer. For the second year running, the outdoor lighted path will include stunning new immersive installations – in addition to well-loved favorites – set to seasonal tunes along the garden’s winding path. More than 80 … Read more

Roger and Jan Shaw grow vegetables and chickens in the flower garden

Roger and Jan Shaw solve one of the most common problems of gardening – how to grow a garden in a garden with flowers and flowers. Their solution was to create their garden behind a beautiful fence. Green beans, lentils and okra, right, grow in the garden of Jan and Roger Shaw. Staff photo by … Read more

Technology enabled to learn New food and fiber sector website focus

Saturday, May 21, 2022, 5 p.m. 13 p.m.Press Release Poe Food and Fiber CoVE The new website techenabledlearning.nz provides technology-based instructional resources and information to educators and providers in agriculture, forestry, horticulture and fishing, but is also a useful tool for other fields of study. A New Web site from the experience of educators and … Read more

Go ahead, sing for your garden

Today, “Stars! They are like us! News, Jennifer Garner has spent the past two years devoting her life to plants. She recently posted a video of herself on Instagram. Singing to her garden, Today’s reportsWith a caption reading “Fun fact: Singing for your garden will help them grow.” It’s a common theory I’ve heard most … Read more

Gnomes, grottos and magnificent hermes are the most exotic English gardens in history

Lambport Hall is one of the beautiful mansions in North Hampshire. A.D. Revised in the 1650s by the Ango-Jones Acolyte John Webb and again a hundred years later by Warwick Smith, it is stable and beautiful in Rolling Parkland, the home of England. But Lampport’s fame is not limited to the building, it is still … Read more

Adachi Museum Garden Receives Japan’s Best 19th Anniversary | Asahi Shimbu’s Breaking News, Japanese News and Analysis


YASUGI, Shimane Prefecture – Japan’s most beautiful garden, here at the Adachi Art Museum, for the 19th consecutive year, according to a study by the US-based Japanese Garden Journal. The well-maintained area covers an area of ​​170,000 square meters and consists of six areas: a dry landscape garden, a mosaic garden and a white pebble … Read more