From now on, fruit picks can not get less than $ 25.41 per hour and you can see that price in your basket.

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Consumers have been warned that the cost of living could worsen from today, as wage hikes across the country will make fruits and vegetables more expensive. Highlights: A new minimum wage guarantee for fruit and vegetable workers will begin on April 28th Consumers have been warned to expect higher food prices as farms can cost … Read more

States go alone in resolving the labor crisis

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As the aging labor crisis worsens, farmers are satisfied with the latest ‘t-photo-tat’ between governments. Another new task force is urging farmers to stop playing “TT-FOOT-TAT” with the farming labor crisis. NSW, Victoria, ensenland and Tasmania are working together on a single East Coast agricultural labor force to address the ongoing labor shortage in the … Read more

Struggling farmers are asking for help to keep the produce on the shelf

Farmers are planting small crops amid mounting invoices, severe manpower shortages, and the closure of the food service sector. This is what they need. Australian farmers are in dire straits, with fruit and vegetable farmers begging for more attention to keep food on the shelf. Due to severe labor shortages and rising commodity prices, locks … Read more

Is the new farm visa all cracked? The judge is still out

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It can take up to 15 minutes for a butcher to make a steak. For Australia’s largest livestock companies, that means one worker for each processed animal. In other words, it requires human effort. Although many Australians like to eat meat, there seems to be no shortage of Australians who enjoy it, and it has … Read more