How much time does the average American spend on household chores?

Housework is an important—though dreaded by many—part of everyday life. There seems to be an endless list of tasks associated with maintaining a home and keeping it running smoothly. Tasks such as taking care of children and pets, cooking, cleaning, and laundry must be done no matter how busy or tired you are. Although there … Read more

1,500 female students from J&K Colleges in Data Science, AI J&K, upGrad Foundation Scholarships

Srinagar, May 25 (KNS) 1500 1,500 graduate female students from Jammu and Kashmir will be offered scholarships to conduct high-quality, tech-based online skills programs in digital marketing and data science. The proposals for this result were agreed upon by J&K and Upgrade Foundation for Higher Education – a charity and nonprofit by Edtech Tech. The … Read more

Kenyan delegation discusses PAU cooperation

A three-member delegation visited Kenya’s Punjab Agricultural University on Friday, with Patrick Kamba, Kenya’s governor, and Agriculture Minister Mary Nizomo. Kemba’s wife, Lydia Seroni, was part of the delegation. The delegation met with senior PAU executives, college deans, additional research and extension education directors, and department heads. Kamba praised PAU’s role in improving agri-assets and … Read more

Vocational, technical education opportunities in the area

The most sought after career and technology opportunity in local schools was last year’s trained business carpentry track. Data from the Department of Education show that there are 52 different opportunities for vocational and technical education in the area. Those opportunities offer full certificates from one course to the next. The Kentucky Classroom 2020-21 Research … Read more

Food security or disruption?

Food security or disruption?

Editorial Board (Jakarta Post) Jakarta ● Tah, September 2, 2021 2021-09-02 04:29 0 6d81e3df9943227aba70bd118d122e9e 2018-03-01 Editorial Food, Storage, Import, Agency, Presidential Regulation, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Trade, Blog, Bureaucracy, Information free The government implemented the Food Act in 2012, which mandated the establishment of a National Food Agency. The long wait does not mean … Read more

Rainfall stimulation pushes sowing to normal levels – data

Summer planting of cannabis crops, which account for half of India’s annual food production, accelerated when the rains resumed in August, but due to unusual rains, crop yields still fell by 1% from last year. Year can shorten production. The June-September rainfall system, which irrigates 60% of the country’s net sowing area, is expected to … Read more

Climate Jacks – Rain Requires Rim Country Reports

The weather information is amazing. Do you have a rainfall or do you want to draw rainfall on your piston or rim home? University of Arizona Professor Michael Krimins How to share your information with Michael Krimins at Rinlog. Local reporters and location information are important for everything from city administration to county and state … Read more