A new season for community harvesting continues at Tucson Village Farm.

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) – Many families are stretching the budget to feed their children quality food. Some parents may struggle to balance their desire and pressure to get their children to eat nutritious fruits and vegetables. KGUN 9 On Your Side recently visited Tucson’s Village Farm to see what guests will find when their staff … Read more

A quick and easy DIY bird seed ornament for the garden

During the harsh winter months, up to 100 different species of birds supplement their natural diet with seeds and vegetable bird feeders. Adding a small bird feeder to your yard during the colder months can help these little critters, especially if their natural diet is scarce. You may already have the perfect bird table or … Read more

Driving growth in the circular economy

Main points The circular economy provides limited resources for future economic expansion. By following the nine Rs – Refuse, Rethink, Reuse, Repair, Renew, Remanufacture, Reuse, Reuse, Recover – experts say Australia could unlock $2 trillion in potential savings by moving away from a ‘take, do, waste’ model. To succeed, the circular economy requires a combined … Read more

How Vienna’s restaurants are helping it become one of Europe’s greenest cities.

Condé Nast Traveler

Last year, Vienna beat the goals set by the Paris Agreement by 10 years. It has announced plans to become carbon neutral by 2040. Highly local food, urban agriculture and sustainable agriculture, will play an important role in achieving this. Vienna has nearly 5,000 acres of farms and vineyards within its city limits and is … Read more

OCC is developing a curriculum focused on sustainability

Sustainability is a trend that is creating waves of change around the world. More than a third of global consumers recognize the importance of sustainability and feel responsible for the planet. Awareness of climate change, deforestation, pollution and other environmental issues has given people more pressure to change their ways. Orange Coast College is no … Read more

A food chain should be a food circle

In 2020, in As the Covid-19 pandemic deepens, concerns around food supply have been high. This has led to significant changes in the way some food is produced: the increasing use of agricultural principles—growth food methods that support nature, such as by keeping soil healthy and stable, improving water and air quality, and improving environmental … Read more

The Rose Parade Judge emphasizes conservation, sustainability

Pasadena’s Contest of Roses for its commitment to sustainability and conservation will be open to judges starting January 2nd. Each year, the Rose Contest selects three judges to award awards including float design, floral presentation and entertainment value. Winners will be announced on New Year’s Day. One judge, Nicole Cavender, will bring a unique perspective … Read more

From the Garden to the Table: The University of Dubuque hosts a sustainable salsa event

So far, over 700 pounds of ripe tomatoes, 58 pounds of green tomatoes, 65 pounds of peppers and 229 pounds of yellow onions have been harvested from the garden./Photos courtesy of University of Dubuque The University of Dubuque hosted a “Sustainable Salsa Festival” featuring food grown directly in the University of Iowa’s restoration garden. The … Read more

The 1st edition of the 2022 National Spice Conference of the World Spice Organization has concluded Headlines

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (NewsVoir) • Conference attended by 300 delegates including 100 farmers • Spice exports contribute 10% of agricultural exports and 40% of fruit and vegetable exports. The 2-day National Spices Conference 2022 of the All India Spice Exporters Forum (AISEF), a non-profit technical partner of the World Spice Organization (WSO) for 100 times … Read more

Green-fingered gardeners celebrate a big year in bloom – Newcastle-upon-Tyne Borough Council

The winners of Newcastle in Bloom were announced at an awards ceremony today (Saturday 1 October), with Bright winning the coveted Small Town in the Heart of England category. For the second year running, a unique garden featuring a high standard of horticulture and wildlife-friendly features has won the coveted title of Kidsgrove Couple’s Residential … Read more