Georgia farmers brace for Hurricane Ian. Tropical storms are forecast as early as Wednesday

Hurricane Ian could wreak havoc on Georgia’s largest industry, as farmers prepare to head into the state for the tropical storm’s force as early as Wednesday. ‚ÄúReally, all we can do is go ahead and make sure all the irrigation is shut off so the land doesn’t get saturated when the wind comes here, and … Read more

Kenya – Export value increased by 17 percent with help from agricultural production.

Kenya’s exports to grow by 17% in 2021 Data from the Kenya Trade Network Agency’s (Kentrade) Business Intelligence Tool shows that the increase has impacted income from top agricultural products (tea and fruit and vegetable products). In 2021, the revised export volume of apparel accessories and agricultural products increased from 643.7 billion tons to 743.7 … Read more

After two years, Riverland’s biggest event is back

After being canceled for two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Riverland Field Days welcomed visitors back to the two-day festival. Main points: About 10,000 people are expected to participate in the 63rd Riverland Field Days The highly anticipated event was canceled in recent years due to Covid-19. Organizers say the weekend will inject millions … Read more

Rwanda: New package to strengthen horticulture value chains in Rwanda

Rwanda’s Garden Fresh Company, which specializes in exporting fresh produce, has opened Rwanda’s first private packing house, a critical infrastructure that connects the farm to the market. The facility, which was built with the support of Hort Invest and IDH project, not only reduces post-harvest losses, but also increases the income of the farmers and … Read more

Rwanda: We support Rwanda to unlock its horticultural potential – IDH official

Horticulture is one of Rwanda’s strategic sectors as it seeks to diversify its agricultural export base, and by 2024, foreign agricultural exports could reach $1 billion (over Rwf1 trillion) in annual revenue. This is double the 445 million dollars recorded in the previous fiscal year. For that reason, the country plans to increase its exports … Read more

Ghana: Make practical gardening part of children’s development – Professor Akosa

According to Professor of Pathology, Agyeman Badu Akosa, making practical gardening an important part of raising a Ghanaian child should be everyone’s business. He said it is the only way to make Ghana green, rich, healthy and beautiful. Prof. Akosa said this while speaking at the opening of this year’s Ghana Garden Flower Show (GGFS) … Read more

Rwanda: How off-grid cold storage systems are helping farmers reduce post-harvest losses

For science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) entrepreneur Jean-Desir Habiambre, helping farmers reduce post-harvest losses is a win-win because of the high returns. That is why In 2019, he identified the problem of post-harvest wastage and established an organization called ‘MoFresh’. They are using off-grid cold storage systems to solve the problem of post-harvest wastage … Read more

African poo farmers treat agriculture as a business to overcome climate change

Bulawayo – Onions and rice are among the most popular dishes in Senegal, including the famous Pullet Yasan. However, climate change will enable smallholder farmers to produce enough food to supplement their income. According to the World Bank’s Climate Awareness Portal, Senegal is vulnerable to drought, floods, rising sea levels, coastal erosion and forest fires. … Read more

In the 22-year fiscal year, did Agri’s inflation reach its highest level in six years, but did farmers benefit fully?

Food, Vegetables, Inflation

Web only Although Indian farmers experienced higher inflation than ever before, they had to pay more for inputs and other uses. ArticlesAgricultural Economy | Food Price | Food labels A.D. According to the latest Total Value Added Agriculture (GVA) figures released by the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MoSPI) 2021-22, inflation in … Read more

After the Northwest border was opened, international students were welcomed.

Northwest is looking forward to returning international students after the July demarcation of the border – something that could bring up to $ 15 million for the Northland economy. Allowing international students to return to Northland could add up to $ 15 million to the region’s economy, says Northtec, looking forward to more than two … Read more