Tanzania: Bunge Committee urged to revise laws, policies to combat climate change

Dodoma – The Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries has proposed a review of water, livestock, fisheries, environment and energy laws and policies. The chairman of the committee, Dr. Christine Ishengoma, while presenting a report in the National Assembly on Tuesday, said that by reviewing the laws, the government should utilize the importance of … Read more

Tanzania: President Mwinyi sees potential in horticulture industry.

Zanzibar – Zanzibar President Hussein Mwini yesterday directed the Ministry of Agriculture to collaborate with all stakeholders to increase fruit and vegetable production in the country for domestic and export markets. Dr. Mwini announced major reforms to the horticultural industry in his drive to cater to both domestic and export markets. “We have to work … Read more

East Africa: EABC has released the lowest air transport costs in the AAC region.

The East African Business Council (EABC) has urged the governments of the partner countries of the East African Community to have a single air transport service agreement. Mr. John Bosco Kalisa, CEO of EABC in Arusha, said: “The EABC should consider replacing the existing Bilateral Air Service Agreements (BASAs) with a single Air Service Agreement … Read more

Kenya: First Lady Rachel Ruto launches Sh1.7bn funding for youth, women-led enterprises

Nairobi – Youths and women will soon receive Sh1.7bn in funding for poultry, horticulture and aquaculture businesses. First Lady Rachel Ruto launched the Leveraging Equality for Gender Inclusive Economic Development (LEGEND) project to improve the socio-economic prosperity of entrepreneurs as well as promote gender inclusion and environmental sustainability. The six-year program is implemented by Mennonite … Read more

Zimbabwe: Pea Hectares to Decline in 2023 – HDC

The Horticulture Development Council (HDC) said that pea production is expected to decline this winter due to high production costs. However, while producer prices remain unchanged, there is a risk of higher production costs. HDCC tweeted yesterday that there will be a discount on the area under peas this season. The market survey in the … Read more

Tanzania: What agriculture promises to improve 2030

Walking the Talk: Building a Prosperous Tanzania The government has a dream to transform the agriculture sector. And the dream is fast becoming a reality, thanks to massive infrastructural development the government is working to boost the key sector. Tanzania, like other countries in the world, is committed to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 2 – … Read more

Zimbabwe: Horticulture revenue stands at $71 million as production costs rise.

Horticulture export earnings for January-November 2022 are set at US$71 million compared to the same period last year, with 121 million kilograms of horticultural products compared to 127 million kilograms in 2021. Statistics obtained by ZimStats yesterday revealed the growth, highlighting the average price of fruit and vegetable products for 2021 at 0 US$ 59 … Read more

Driving growth in the circular economy

Main points The circular economy provides limited resources for future economic expansion. By following the nine Rs – Refuse, Rethink, Reuse, Repair, Renew, Remanufacture, Reuse, Reuse, Recover – experts say Australia could unlock $2 trillion in potential savings by moving away from a ‘take, do, waste’ model. To succeed, the circular economy requires a combined … Read more

Numaish: nostalgia, fairy lights, spicy food

Hyderabad TThe milling crowds, the lights of the ferris wheel, the clatter and clank of metal in the pit of death, the aroma of roasting corn, the hum of merchi bhaji spells only one thing on Numaish – money. In Nampli, hundreds of families await the 46-day shopping fiesta known as the All India Industrial … Read more

Georgia farmers brace for Hurricane Ian. Tropical storms are forecast as early as Wednesday

Hurricane Ian could wreak havoc on Georgia’s largest industry, as farmers prepare to head into the state for the tropical storm’s force as early as Wednesday. “Really, all we can do is go ahead and make sure all the irrigation is shut off so the land doesn’t get saturated when the wind comes here, and … Read more