GNTC Foundation offers fall scholarship awards

The Georgia Northwest Technical College (GNTC) Foundation awarded $30,000 to 45 students for the fall semester of 2022. Each scholarship includes an award of between $250 and $1,000 to pay for a fall semester at GNTC. “We commend these outstanding students for their academic excellence,” said GNTC President Dr. Heidi Popham. “We are grateful to … Read more

Plan your future at Galway Community College

Golway Community College of Higher Education (GCC) continues to offer full-time courses in a variety of careers in preparation for career advancement, internships, and higher education. For some, these courses may serve as a transition year, an opportunity to explore new careers before taking a longer course in higher education. All GCC one-year courses offer … Read more

College offers summer camp for middle school students

Jason Kun Staff Writer Western Piedmont Community College, in partnership with Apalchian State University, is offering a new summer opportunity for Burke County Middle School students. Supported by the GEAR-UP Grants, the WPCC conducts an environmental awareness program for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students June 20 through 24. The day camp is held on … Read more

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College graduates for the fourth consecutive year

TIFTON – For the fourth year in a row, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College has produced more undergraduate graduates than any other college or university east of the Mississippi River. Thirty-four agricultural students graduated from ABAC in a recent agricultural course. “These graduates will contribute to the nation’s over 40 years of shortage of highly qualified … Read more

Primary Views Fif Three is a candidate for the Hori County Board of Education.

When Harry Richardson, chairman of the Harry County Board of Education, announced his candidacy for Congress, this would open the door for him. Two current board members, Helen Smith and David Cox, are running for the seat, along with longtime Horny County School staffer Darrell Rickets. If there is no democratic opposition in November, the … Read more

CiTi introduces new CTE Agricultural Study Program to high school students

MEXICO – Oswego County High School students recently explored CiTi’s new CTE program, an agricultural research center focused on American farm-to-table dining needs and purchasing locally produced products and products. Carolyn Deary-Petrocci, who teaches when the class begins in 2022, welcomes students to the City of Mexico Mexico Campus to discuss what awaits them at … Read more

Kansas FFA Announces VIP Quote Award Recognition

Longtime Kansas FFA supporters were recognized at the 94th Kansas FFA Convention on June 2 at the Kansas State University campus. The winners of the Kansas FFA VIP Quote Award were Eric Atkinson, Kurt Dilon and David Nichols on the left. (Photo courtesy of Kansas FFA.) The winners are David Nichols, Manhattan, professor and coordinator … Read more

Latino activism leads to fundamental efforts in climate change.

Phoenix (AP) – In the Phoenix, most Hispanic elementary school students line up for long mornings in the dusty sunshine. So when Tony Mada announced plans to plant 75 young trees at Borman Elementary School, his 30-year-old and 10-year-old daughter, Lilit, joined a group of volunteers to cast a shadow over the campus. Desert willow, … Read more

Learning and Sharing Patch Cumberland County Chief Gardener Photo Memory Book

Although I know the original history of the Cumberland County Master Gardeners Association, the best place to find information about current Master Gardner and UT Extension Activities is at Crossville UT Extension Office Location 1398 Livingston Rd, Crossville, TN 38571, 931-484-6743. Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 am-4:00pm. Website The United States Extension Service Gardener Program … Read more

U of M Landscape Arboretum Director is about to retire after 50 years

After nearly 50 years of work at the University of Minnesota, Peter Mo, the director of landscape architecture, will officially retire. A.D. Serving as Director of Arboretum since 2016, Moi is credited with expanding the Chanhasen Arborure to 1,200 hectares and gaining “membership, attendance, earnings and charities” prior to 1991 as Director of Operations and … Read more