The famous Rose Guava loses its color due to climate change.

Famous pink guava loses colour due to weather change

ታርታር ፕ ግራግራዴግራጅጅ (ኡ ፡ -፡— ሮዝ፡ -፡– ሮዝ፡ ሮዝ ሮዝ ሮዝ ሮዝ Unexpected weather and rainfall have significantly reduced this year. According to Vijaya Kishor Singh, head of the HETC, Horticulture, Experiment and Training Center, due to the heavy rains, the famous Guwava Belt of the two woredas bloomed earlier this year. The fruit … Read more

Pictures of the Western Ross Garden attraction, created from scratch, has reached an ‘advanced’ level

The site delighted visitors and praised the template for others to follow. Thanks to the efforts and continued commitment of the local community, the “wonderful” West Ross attraction from the desert has played a role in alleviating fears during the Corona virus crisis. The Gairlock Cottage Wildlife Sanctuary near the harbor has been rated envied … Read more

NC Zoo will receive the highest international award for environmental sustainability

Asheboro, NC – North Carolina Zoo has been recognized as the recipient of the 2021 Environmental Sustainability Award by the World Wildlife and Aquarium Association. What you need to know The green practices at the NC Zoo are inclusive, from staff to guests. They are the only organization to receive the 2021 Environmental Sustainability Award … Read more

Supervisors Fletcher, Vargas Open County New Display Garden

In the hope of sowing sustainable, nutritious seeds, County Board of Supervisors Nathan Fletcher, Vice Chairwoman Nora Vargas, chief gardeners and county staff opened a new display garden at the County Operations Center on Wednesday. Fletcher and Vargas marked the event by planting the first plants – Italian pastes and chrysanthemums – in a garden … Read more

You should use the remaining fire ash in your garden

Photo: glebchik (Shutterstock) Falling brings one of the simplest joys of life. But after the last charcoal burned at night, Is a pile of ashes left behind that can easily be tempted to lift. Throwing it in and out. keep it up! Those ashes can be used in more ways than you can handle. Be … Read more

UF is growing high quality cassava hops in the Bay Area

Researchers at the University of Florida say new data shows that high-quality cassette hops are growing in Wimama rather than number one in the Pacific Northwest. What you need to know Researchers have been growing hops for 5 years Test results show an acid content of more than 8% UF is growing high quality hop … Read more

Home and Garden – Healthy gardens start with a reasonable soil test

Gardeners should check their soil every three to five years to see what nutrients are in the soil and make adjustments as needed. Adding fertilizer to the soil unnecessarily can damage the environment. ILLINOIS EXTENSION When gardeners store garden beds to rest and clean and store equipment for the winter, there is one task they … Read more

Move these outdoor plants around the house to survive the winter

: Ivan Semenovich (Shutterstock) Foreign plants They know they will not spend the winter. These are known as . Not only are you getting some new houseplants, but you are also saving time, money, and effort to replace them next year. Here are some plants to consider, and what to know about the process.

In Paradise | Watch out for jumping bugs

Every gardener seems to have a new invasive species to worry about. Unfortunately, this is always a sad fact of our globalization economy. While there are better ways to monitor and limit the distribution of biotech biotechnology, regulatory agencies and participating industries cannot be ahead of schedule. Without crystal ball, there is an unforeseen but … Read more