Teens Grow Greens Inc. The Milwaukee community launched a $7 million project to expand access

MILWAUKEE – For the past seven years, Teens Grow Greens Incorporated has been harnessing the power of gardening to provide business, entrepreneurship and educational opportunities to youth in Milwaukee. The Teen Greens program started with just 10 employees and now has more than 70. The head of agriculture, Julius Gayo, said: “Every year it is … Read more

The government is about to announce a new policy to protect prime horticultural land.

Urban development near growing fields around Pukekohe in 2017. Photo / Jason Oxenham. The government is expected to announce new measures later this week to help protect some of the country’s productive land from urban sprawl. And according to market gardeners in Pukekohe, it’s an important step to help save the city’s food bowl, even … Read more

Agricultural experts warn farmers of the recent outbreak of avian influenza

Local, state and national agricultural organizations have warned that domestic poultry farmers should be careful to prevent the recent outbreak of avian influenza. Avian flu, including poultry, duck, turkey, and quail, is highly contagious and deadly, says Richard Tobe, an animal educator at the Cornell County Cooperative Society in Delaware County. “Several issues have been … Read more

The actual number of Kovid cases can be four times higher – expert

Refugees fleeing Ukraine are struggling in difficult circumstances, borders are being opened for backpacks, and families with low incomes for fuel and food have recently reached the New Zealand Herald. Video / NZ Herald The exact number of Kovid cases in the community remains a mystery, experts warn, quoting quadruple. The prophecy comes as New … Read more

Border openings for trained workers may be too late for gardening.

A.D. Critical and skilled workers may soon be able to overcome the stigma attached to New Zealand but it may be too late for the upcoming fruit and vegetable season. Representatives of other sectors fear losing their staff. Overseas and “they are not releasing the balloons yet.” The government’s five-tier border demarcation plan, announced yesterday, … Read more

Covi 19 Coronavirus Delta Epidemic – Farmers and Farmers’ Warning to Oakland Border – NZ Herald

The countryUpdated August 30, 2021 09:00 p.m.3 minutes to read By RNZ Sally Murphy Farmers and gardeners south of Auckland are preparing for the Phase 3 border starting at 12 noon tonight. The border south of Auckland was used in February this year and is located right in the middle of some gardening and farming. … Read more