The impact of the agricultural sector in India on agricultural activities varies

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Last year’s successful farmers’ campaign forced the government to repeal three agricultural laws issued in 2020. The campaign was mentioned in some recent election campaigns in some constituencies, but failed. Creating any political consensus on issues that most farmers have objected to. In Punjab, opposition groups also contested elections but were unable to register their … Read more

When agricultural laws are repealed, are all hopes for agricultural reform gone?

When the Union Government repealed the three agricultural laws in a hurry in September 2020, many analysts noted that the Narendra Modi government had made a mistake and that the decision could have a negative impact on reforms in all sectors. Agriculture. I do not agree and we believe that changes in agriculture will continue. … Read more

One size does not suit everyone, Indian agriculture requires decentralized farming

Finally, farmers stopped their one-year campaign on the three farm laws. The farmer’s campaign, especially in Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh, won and forced the government to repeal the laws. It needs to be negotiated on constitutional democracy, reforms, especially in agriculture where agriculture is a major player. Therefore, the end of the farmers’ … Read more

The key to a consensus for seed improvement

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But the panel responsible for recommending improvements must work to make the agricultural market more efficient. This is the only way farmers can get real value for their produce. The repeal of the agricultural laws and the government’s demand for farmers are a serious blow to reform. In fact, from what we can learn from … Read more

Now that the rules have been repealed, agricultural associations need to join in and shape discussions on how to make MSP more effective.

On December 4, agricultural associations will decide on the future of the ongoing protests along the Delhi border. The Center asked for names to be part of a committee proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “make MSP (Low Support Price) more effective and transparent.” The unions must respond positively and join the negotiations for … Read more

Unsecured MSP, agricultural export policy may increase farmers’ incomes.

The farmers’ long campaign was not only to repeal the three agricultural laws, but also to protest the frustration caused by the poor financial situation in the agricultural sector. According to the latest statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics (NASO), the average household income in 2018-19 is Rs 10,218 crore. The government has had … Read more

Pun Najam says CM Badals are playing a double game on farm rules

BALHAAR (Martyr Bagat Sin Nagar) – In the run-up to the 2022 Punjab elections, Prime Minister Capt. Amrnder Sin on Monday accused Shiromani Akali Dal Patriarch and former Prime Minister Parkash Singh Badal and his son and former deputy PM Shukbir Sin Badal of playing twice. Game over the farm laws passed by Narendra Modi’s … Read more