Increase access to food to expand behind federal funds; The non-profit will use $413K to build a new barn

Published: 1/3/2023 8:22:25 PM Updated: 1/3/2023 8:21:36 PM NORTHAMPTON – Federal funding for $413,000 will help Food Grow Northampton, a nonprofit organization focused on sustainable agriculture and food justice, to build a barn, add new farms and provide additional community gardens on a 121-acre parcel in Florence. “(The barn) serves all the farmers on the … Read more

Territories Satellite with Mango Harvest

Retrieved images are helping our Gritry farmers plan their production, including forecasting equipment and staffing. The 3-year trial is nearing completion of this harvest, and it is studying the images of mango trees at various stages of development to determine whether farmers will enter the harvest season. The trial is attended by 5 commercial farmers … Read more

Extending the quarantine route will provide some relief to Victorian gardeners

Austvik Vak, Victoria’s largest industry body for horticulture growers, welcomes the long-awaited announcement that the Victorian Government will expand its neutral path with Tasmania to include up to 1,500 workers from the Pacific islands as part of a seasonal labor program and part of the Pacific labor force. The plan, though, believes that after this … Read more

Is the new farm visa all cracked? The judge is still out

Woman working on a strawberry farm

It can take up to 15 minutes for a butcher to make a steak. For Australia’s largest livestock companies, that means one worker for each processed animal. In other words, it requires human effort. Although many Australians like to eat meat, there seems to be no shortage of Australians who enjoy it, and it has … Read more

The Coalition Government will issue visas to farmers

The Federal Liberal Government has issued an Australian agricultural visa to alleviate the shortage of manpower faced by Australian farmers and to support structural changes in the agricultural sector. The Australian Fresh Produce Alliance (AFPA) has repeatedly called for an independent agricultural visa for overseas workers to travel to Australia to work in agriculture. The … Read more