January Gardening Guide: Cold Weather Recovery and More.

The cold weather and freezing temperatures late in the year have damaged grass, plants and trees across the state. Texas’ coldest December in 40 years has gardeners dealing with nasty problems in their gardens and yards. “We have a lot of ugly plants right now,” said Larry Stein, a horticulturist with the Texas A&M AgriLife … Read more

Sarah Browning: Choose the right plant to combat summer wilt

This plant shows the first signs of Fusarium wilt. Edward Sikora, Auburn University, Bugwood.org Looking at all the beautiful pictures of tomatoes in the seed catalog, how do you choose the best varieties for your garden? Every gardener knows that there is nothing more sad than growing a tomato plant, it is finally loaded with … Read more

SDSU Extension to discuss the latest research at the Farm Show

University Extension experts will talk about crop pests, fertilizer tips, how feeders can cope with drought and more at the two-day Dakota Farm Show in Vermilion. Seminars hosted by the South Dakota State University Southeast Research Farm and SDSU Extension will be held Jan. 4 and 5 with morning and afternoon sessions focusing on a … Read more

The Wisconsin Cranberry Research Station is collecting the crop for the second year

BLACK RIVER FALLS, Wis. (WXOW) — The Wisconsin Cranberry Research Station (WCRS) will harvest the first full crop of cranberries since the great cranberry crop that opened in August. Wisconsin is the nation’s leading producer of cranberries and, as of 2015, Wisconsin Cranberry Growers Association Executive Director Tom Lochner predicted the state would grow even … Read more

Outlook on Fertilizers to Hold Global Market to 2027 – Compo, My Fresh Air and Easy Gardeners Products Offered Among Others

DUBLIN, Oct. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — “Fertilizer Stick Market – Global Industry Size, Share, Trends, Opportunity and Forecast, 2017-2027 By Type, Application, Ingredient, Distribution Channel, Region, 2027” report has been added. ResearchAndMarkets.com’s Providing. The global Fertilizer Sticks market is estimated to record growth at an impressive rate during the forecast period of 2023-2027. The … Read more

Donal Hickey: Why pea-free is so important

Along with BBC gardener Monty Don, he has been influential in the campaign to ban the sale of peas for use in private gardens in England. Don has quite a following here in Ireland, a similar campaign has been running for some time, and he is a popular visitor to various gardens here. However, our … Read more

Sarah Browning: Fall watering makes for a better spring

Sarah Browning for the Lincoln Journal Star This winter is hot, hot, hot! Lincoln had 54, 90-plus degree days from May to August 31st. In a landscape without water, many are seeing cracked soil – a good indicator that the condition is dry. One of the most common issues at the Nebraska Extension office today … Read more

Properly processed compost has some benefits for the environment. Here’s how

MEGAN MARPLES CNN Throw the orange peels, banana peels, and other produce scraps into the compost bin. Mix, repeat. For some, fertilization is done without a second thought. For others, it’s a confusing process that doesn’t seem worth the trouble. Support local news coverage and the people who cover it by subscribing to the Napa … Read more

Fertilize directly in the garden

Don’t toss those incomplete lettuce leaves, onion tops, and strawberry tops in the trash. Instead, turn them into compost right in the garden. Worm and pile composting are excellent ways to control these wastes. But if these methods are not for you, try trench composting. This centuries-old method is low-effort and effective. The process is … Read more