When floods destroy crops, farmers need a support plan to retain workers

The recent floods have affected farmers in Locker Valley, who are looking for ways to save their farm workers as they build on their next harvest. Highlights: Farmers in Queensland’s Locker Valley have to evacuate their workers following another catastrophic flood. This flood occurred at the beginning of the fruit and vegetable season Industry groups … Read more

Bad event is assigned

Rural Communities Minister Damien O’Connor described the severe weather in the North Island as a moderate disaster. “We are raising $ 200,000 for local rural trusts and the mayor’s aid fund to assist with rehabilitation work in Taranaki, Weirarapa and Waitomo counties,” Oconnore said. “The Ministry of Primary Industries is working closely with sector groups … Read more

Consultant RMSI puts $ 1,500- ₹ 2,000 cr on flooding in TN, AP due to flooding.

In Andira Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, heavy rains and related floods and flooding events have only served to highlight the growing threat of land use planning for sustainable development. According to RMSI, heavy rains in the south-east coast of India have caused heavy rainfall over the past month due to cyclonic distribution, mainly due to … Read more

Rainwater harvesting in Ottawa at a time

OTTAWA: On Sunday, residents of Manorre-Woodvalle, in collaboration with the City of Ottawa and Enviro Centre, came together to create a rain garden in Mandoll Park. The garden is part of a pilot project called Ottawa Preparedness Rain City. The program encourages and supports residents to take action on their property to reduce the harmful … Read more

Montreal wants to block many single-plastics, many pesticides

Montreal: The city of Montreal is looking to block more single plastics and more pesticides by March 2023 and more plastic bags by December 2022. Planned by the administration on Wednesday called for a change. Prohibited pesticides include glyphosate, chlorpyrifos and certain neonicotinoids. “The harmful effects of pesticides on health are growing,” said Mayor Valerie … Read more

A community garden could be contaminated by a major flood on Saturday

The area being rehabilitated by the community was completely flooded by Saturday’s hurricane. Pop Up Oasis Community Garden A few days before the flood, he planned to gather fruits and vegetables for the community. The 13th and Livorworth gardens are free of toxins that can contaminate debris, debris and all plants. “There may be pollution … Read more