Find Eve, a robot fruit picker who came here to ‘solve a big problem’

Winter has arrived and apples in Ardmona have been picked for the season, but wait for a row reserved for Eve. Highlights: Robotic fruit picks have been accelerated by the federal government for business This robot picks fruit on its own and picks fruit next harvest. Farmers hope it will help solve a chronic labor … Read more

Plant one end of sweet pepper

From red, orange and yellow to purple, white and chocolate-black, sweet pepper fruits are the eggs of a garden garden, says David Tinkling, an extension gardener at the University of Missouri. Sweet peppers like potatoes and tomatoes belong to the Night Shad family. Sweet peppers are easy to make with plants grown in the garden, … Read more

Pricing Price Pages- Vegetable care offers many health benefits

Julie Garden-Robinson NDSU Extension “Can you move?” My husband asked with a smile. I looked in the direction of his narrow eyes. He laughed. I slowly moved from my comfortable chair to get our dogs out. I tried not to walk and poured oil like a “tin man.” The last two days have been a … Read more

Martin County Open Room Booklets are now available.

It’s springtime and time when we start thinking about this year’s open space at the Martin County 4-H show from July 15 – July 19. There has been a major change in this year’s Open Class Check, with all open projects entering on a different day than the 4-H projects. Open room is open Wednesday, … Read more

The relationship between EIT and Te Wai Mauri has borne fruit.

Left, Tanya Basher, Alice Hughes, Jonathan Dick; Paul Kate, Karen Skipper-HawaiiKirangi and Rewa Mason. Photo provided Tewe Maori Trust, an environmental company led by EIT Primary Industries School and Hatche, is starting to bear fruit with loyal staff, and the new seedlings will be used for a project on the Hawk Bay Campus. . The … Read more

Pricing Price: Vegetable care has many benefits for children and adults

Julie Garden-Robinson NDSU Extension When the end of May comes and I plant flowers, plants and vegetables, I think of all the gardening I did as a child. We lived in a town near our home with a large garden and our last name “Garden” which is the largest garden in the country. I had … Read more

A wage change warning could drive gray nomads out of the industry.

A figure in high vis orange shirt and hat kneels to pick blueberries with a bucket of berries between their legs.

After losing her job during the Covenant-19 epidemic, Kathy Downey worked on farms around Australia. Highlights: Hourly pay for minors will begin on April 28th Union officials are visiting farms to educate people about the revised horticultural awards. Growers are frustrated by the increased management. “I’m over 50, so I guess I’m classified as a … Read more

Yakima Valley College named George Allen, the Fruit of the Alan Brothers, a 2022 Honorary Student.

Yakima, wash – Yakima Valley College’s 2022 Alumni Award is presented to George Allen, a former member of the board and current member of the Allan Brotherhood. YVC annually rewards students who have studied for at least three quarters, earned at least 45 credits, and identified themselves as positive. Recipient alumni will be selected by … Read more

From now on, fruit picks can not get less than $ 25.41 per hour and you can see that price in your basket.

looking down a row of an apple orchard with one man in the distance right of the image on a ladder

Consumers have been warned that the cost of living could worsen from today, as wage hikes across the country will make fruits and vegetables more expensive. Highlights: A new minimum wage guarantee for fruit and vegetable workers will begin on April 28th Consumers have been warned to expect higher food prices as farms can cost … Read more

Choosing a citrus tree for your backyard

Recent emergencies and a lack of firmness can make citrus challenging in some parts of Alabama. However, many homeowners in the southern part of the state have a backyard lemonade that can survive the cold season with proper care and attention. Citrus Famous Garden Tree According to Jeremy Pickens, an orchard of the Alabama Cooperative … Read more