Man government is going to encourage the use of organic manure in agriculture and horticulture: Aman Arora

Chandigarh: Punjab Chief Minister S. The Bhagwant Man-led government plans to promote the use of crushed organic manure (FOM) produced by compressed biogas (CBG) plants in agriculture, horticulture and horticulture sectors. Aman Arora, Minister of New and Renewable Energy, said this after holding a brainstorming session on PEDA today. Bhawan Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Minister … Read more

Huntington Organic Community Vegetable has been producing and friendly for over 50 years

Attempts at Organic Community Gardening in Huntington are still thriving for 50 years and friendships along the way are growing. From March to November, gardeners around the city will land at the Robert M. Quebeka Memorial Organic Garden and the Clifford Sorgel Memorial Network in Greenland, where farming dreams live on for $ 25 or … Read more

Government spends $ 7.4 million on spray-free fruit farming project

Hawk Bay Apple. File Photo / RNZ – Tom Kitchen RNZ New Zealand’s Apple and Pears have launched a seven-year project to free the industry from spraying by 2050. The seven-year, $ 14.77 million project received $ 7.44 million from the Government’s Sustainable Food and Fiber Future Fund. Minister of Agriculture Demien O’Connor said plant … Read more

raipur: Government plans to link agricultural economy to industry Raipur News – Indian Times

Raipur: The Chamber of Commerce said in a statement that the initiative to link the agricultural economy with the industries will take place in 2019-2024, highlighting aspects of Chatsgarh’s new industrial policy.Over the past three years, 478 units based on agriculture and food processing have been established with a capital investment of 1167 million and … Read more

Vegetable prices have skyrocketed when gardeners are in crisis.

Vegetable prices will continue to rise, says Horticulture New Zealand if the government does not support growers finding ways to reduce growing costs. Barry O’Neill, president of Hortenense, says there is a “problem” in commercial vegetable production in New Zealand. “Input costs have increased over the last 12 months, at least not oil prices.” While … Read more

Medium-scale negative event assigned across the North Island

Former tropical cyclone Dove lowers power lines in Wanganui Photo by Jacob McSweeny Severe weather damage to the North Island has been classified as a moderate adverse event, opening up $ 200,000 worth of government assistance to affected farmers and growers. Twice a year in Taranaki, hurricanes have damaged bridges and more than 100 canals, … Read more

UN food aid looted by Sudanese militants

Sudan’s Darfur militants loot World Food Program warehouse About 1,900 metric tons of food aid were stored in that warehouse. The incident comes amid recent unrest in the region. Residents of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur state, reported heavy gunfire near the warehouse on Tuesday, state news agency SANA reported. Following the attack, … Read more

Requires Blessings for 23 Choices According to Our Working Depot Karnataka CM Bommai

Karnataka Prime Minister Basavaraj Bommai said on Saturday that his government would seek blessings from the people of the region for its efforts to return to power in 2023. “We ask for their blessings on the work we have done to come to power in 2023, as we make better use of the time left … Read more

Wagengen University and Research More Steps Needed to Make Potato, Vegetable and Fruit Production More Sustainable | Market show

The government and the business community are working to develop sustainable potato, fruit and vegetable production. Progress is being made here, but things are not moving fast enough to achieve many (temporary) goals set by the business community itself, government or collectively (for example, by agreement). This is the result of sustainable food chain development. … Read more

Ogdenberg Prison is expanding its garden before the eyes of DOCCS are closed.

The Department of State Corrections and Community Control is working to expand its garden care program, which provides 22 tons of food annually to New York food banks at the Odingensburg Prison, as the prison prepares to close early next year. Men jailed at the Ogdensburg Prison – one of six government prisons scheduled to … Read more