OSU unveils Butterfly Pocket Prairie in Stillwater

On the flight path to Stillwater Regional Airport, arriving passengers will take in the shape of a giant butterfly at the corner of McElroy Road and West Road. With a 122-foot wingspan and 4,000 square feet of native grasses on all four wings, Oklahoma State University’s new Butterfly Pocket Field is the perfect partnership of … Read more

The Wisconsin DNR suggests tackling fall projects differently this year

Madison, Wis. (WMTV) – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is proposing to tackle your fall projects a little differently this year. Whether it’s cleaning gutters, watering garden hoses or raking leaves, the DNR says doing some household chores differently can be beneficial to creatures in nature. The DNR suggests following these tips for your … Read more

Growing On: Groundcovers for award-winning landscapes

Nature exhibits an amazing variety of plants adapted to a great diversity of environmental conditions. Compared to those growing in the coastal rainforest, plants adapted to the desert show better adaptation to extremes of humidity. All plants require a certain amount of light to maintain photosynthesis, but the process of adaptation ranges from plants growing … Read more

NGC Announces July, August Commercial Appearance Award Winners

The Nasturtium Garden Club has selected two Business Landscape Award winners for both the months of July and August. Businesses nominated for the July awards are Armstrong Bank at 1364 E. Downing St., and Arvest Bank at 1720 Muskogee Ave. Armstrong Bank’s outdoor beds are covered with dusty miller, begonias, monkey grasses, nandina bushes, boxwood … Read more

Elizabeth Eckstrom; Drought means going green isn’t easy.

The word on everyone’s mind this season is drought. While we’ve had some rain this year (including Friday night), we still need more good moisture. This lack of moisture, along with hot and windy conditions, plays a big role in how your landscape responds to the weather. When using extra moisture, choose the most important … Read more

Chamberlain weeds are a growing scourge in local gardens; Here’s how to manage them

Gardener Dan Gill answers readers’ questions each week. Send inquiries to gnogardening@agcenter.lsu.edu. I have a weed with nine to 11 tiny leaflets on the trunk and it reminds me of a small mimosa tree. It is very invasive. It grows in lawns and is also found in garden beds. I had it last year and … Read more

Pillar of the summer when there is a lot of work in the garden

By Barbi Oliver As we move into the summer months, our gardeners and landscapes become increasingly crowded. With tips on gardening and landscaping in early summer, this column is available online at Oklahoma State University Horticulture Information Sheets (https://extension.okstate.edu/fact-sheets/index.html) or several references in Garfield County Provides. Extension Bureau, 316 E. Oxford and End. Wear ornaments, … Read more

How to treat tomato pests and the best ways to mow your lawn: Vegetable advice from Dan Gill

Gardener Dan Gill answers readers’ questions each week. Send inquiries to gnogardening@agcenter.lsu.edu. I think I’m suffering from bed bugs on my long-awaited ripe tomatoes. Help! What is the best treatment for them? I also see a large number of leaves. – Edwin First, to put things in perspective, bed bugs are one of the most … Read more

Need advice on how to take care of your lawn and garden permanently during this time? Tips and tricks here

PENFIELD, New York (WROC) – Many of us are outdoors enjoying the sun and the sun in May and may be thinking of fixing that lawn for that summer BBQ or gardening, but what is the best way? Do this while still making sure you are as environmentally friendly as possible? I need an expert … Read more