The Kenan Center features an expanded Daisy Adventure Garden

LOCKPORT – The Kenan Center celebrated the grand opening of its newly expanded Daisy Adventure Park on Friday. According to Assistant Director Parrish Gibbons, the festival has been going on for three years due to the completion of phases one and two of construction. “This is an outdoor educational playground for youth and people of … Read more

Why ‘September is the new May’ when it comes to planting flowers – Jordan News | Latest news from Jordan, MENA

On the brink of fall, the direction of the flower garden may not be viral social media images. And it may not excite the weary gardener.Add announcement But don’t stop now. According to Jenny Rose Carey, longtime florist and vocal believer in options for the coming weeks, “September is the new May. Of course, it’s … Read more

Garden lost to Crap Myrtle balance

Last winter we were about to eat water. The price of water is like food! what to do? Plan a small garden first. Provide the most thirsty permanent plants. You can create a Japanese style garden (rocks, plants, small water feature). Or a shady garden (trees, shrubs, plants with beautiful leaves). Or choose drought-tolerant sun-loving … Read more

Volunteering is a great way to enjoy gardening

Volunteer opportunities in local backyards from regular gardens to forest landscapes such as the National Park Service Kenilworth underwater gardens. When it comes to gardening, February and March are a little cold and there is not much to do, but wait. But it is also a good time of year to think about the coming … Read more

Eltem Sustainable Garden Features in a New Garden-Sharing Platform

Aaron and Melissa Jacobson offer garden tours and workshops for those who want to learn more about small insect farming techniques. Photo / provided “No one loves me. Everyone hates me. I am going down to the garden to eat worms.” When Melissa and Aaron visit Rawhitiroa’s house, these opening lines from the old nursery … Read more

Why do apple farmers in Himachal reap bitter fruit? | Chandigarh News – Indian Times

Chandigarh – Apple farmers in the Himalayan Paradise have objected to the regional government’s “responsiveness” in response to a request to ensure the price of their produce through effective market intervention. It is a recurring fact that Apple’s economy is worth more than 5,000 rubles, but most of it is distributed in eight districts out … Read more