On Gardening: A Colorful New Cone Flower for 2023 “One Melon”

The first time I saw the cone flower, I thought it was one in a million, with its huge 5-inch-plus golden petals that at first reminded me of a Gloriosa daisy. I am talking about the new color code “One Melon” cone flower, which will start next year. Last week I told you about the … Read more

How to protect your garden and yard from mosquitoes

Life comes with many little annoyances, some less or more annoying than mosquitoes. Everyone who spends any time outdoors is bothered by blood-sucking party poopers at one point or another. Although it may seem difficult to get rid of mosquitoes, there are many simple steps you can take to reduce or eliminate them from your … Read more

In the Garden of Gray- Make your Blue Fortress the foundation of your hall garden

There was a feeling of happiness in Paradise Guy and I murmured to myself that my work on Earth was over. Okay, I’m joking up to a point. I’m trying out two new aggressors that I thought I had fallen in love with: a fall for Queen Nectarine and a bee for Royal Rasberry. I … Read more

Protect your garden before and after severe storms

As we celebrate the growth of roses, ripe tomatoes, and pollen in our backyard, we gardeners must be aware of the negative aspects of summer: thunderstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is forecasting “2022 Atlantic hurricane season” above normal, and as the hurricane eases, there is a year-round threat … Read more

The mentoring program works to grow beyond the garden

Charlotte, NC – On a lawn outside the fence around Fredericker Alexander Park in the community garden, a cherry tree is dying and Rage Singleton knows why. The brown and bare branches of the tree stand apart from the two peach trees planted next to it, already growing very small fruit trees already under the … Read more

Remove squirrels from your garden without chemicals, poisons and traps

For the named article Photo: Lena Robinson (Shutterstock) I used to laugh at my grandparents because they both hated squirrels so much that they would go so far as to keep them away from their bird feeders. Now that I have my own garden, I begin to understand how to deal with these soft-spoken terrorists. … Read more

The Dutch Horticulture Expo opens near the Amsterdam Horticulture Expo

Thousands of tulips are in full swing this week to welcome visitors to the Netherlands, the 10th annual fruit and vegetable exhibition in Florida. as if Mike Corder Associated Press April 13, 2022, 9 a.m. 05 p.m. • Read 3 minutes Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this article Almeri, Netherlands – Tulip announces spring arrival … Read more

The fall of Petunia’s hearts on gardening paves the way for the love of the blind

For the past two years, he has had a lot of love in the world of Petunia, thanks to a special thanks to Lovin Dovy in Superunia. We have all seen petunia in whips, some stars, others halos and red, but this is a special heart. It’s funny, the real winners don’t really care, they … Read more

When it is dry, garden – prepare the soil, choose plants wisely

Is it your summer drought? You don’t have to sit back and accept what Mother Nature has to offer – you can soften the effects of dry weather on your garden. It’s time to start preparing for the drought, but now plans are in place. Preparation begins with the soil. Any type of organic material … Read more

On gardening – Soprano’s impatient shade will be a performance for your garden

The biggest surprise in Guy’s experiment this year was Soprano’s impatience. I can’t remember the last time I planted what we call impatient bed bugs. I’m sure I had dark hair and I still helped the children with homework. I mean, only St. Wow. If you forget about impatience, these plants will give your shade … Read more