Mealybugs are difficult to get rid of; Here are some tips.

By Laura Chaves Missouri Botanical Garden Q • I’m starting to see small cottony white spots on my houseplants and the floor nearby is also sticky. what’s wrong A • Your plant appears to have mealybugs, which are common pests of houseplants. They tend to be 1/5 to 1/3 inch long, oval in shape, and … Read more

Principles of gardening

Mice can browse ornamental plants for food or go straight for seed packets, bulbs and birdseed stored in sheds. Whatever you do to keep them away, do it quickly – the little buggers multiply quickly and when there are large clusters they will eat everything. You can make ornamental plants too hot for hungry mice. … Read more

Gardening: Grow a beautiful indoor sweet garden

Melinda Myers It’s no wonder that succulents, including catnip, are popular. These easy-care houseplants come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. All you need is plenty of light and good care to grow a healthy and beautiful succulent. Place the plant near a south, west or east facing window. Don’t let a lack … Read more

Sarah Browning: Choose the right plant to combat summer wilt

This plant shows the first signs of Fusarium wilt. Edward Sikora, Auburn University, Looking at all the beautiful pictures of tomatoes in the seed catalog, how do you choose the best varieties for your garden? Every gardener knows that there is nothing more sad than growing a tomato plant, it is finally loaded with … Read more

Principles of gardening

Ground chicken or wood chicks? Whether you call them groundhogs or woodchucks, these large rodents are gardeners. They love and constantly burn fragrant vegetables from your garden – pumpkins, young tree trunks, you name it. These vicious animals leave ankle-breaking holes in the lawn. Provide peace by planting a lettuce decoy near the entrance to … Read more

Why Tucson needs Crevis Gardens

Crevice gardening is a hot new trend in Europe and other cold climates, and with a few tweaks it’s perfect for Tucson’s climate. If you are familiar with rock gardening, crevice gardening is a new technique that falls into that category. With rock gardening, the rocks are mixed into the soil patio and the rocks … Read more

Bokashi fertilizer for the desert garden

If you’re looking for a way to turn almost all of your food waste into nutritious garden food, Bokashi compost is for you. Bokashi compost is not actually compost. It is actually fermentation, which is an anaerobic process (That is. does not require oxygen). Composting is aerobic (that’s why you need to aerate or turn … Read more

Sign up for the Master Gardener Volunteer Program

Kathleen Ku Many Nebraska Extension Master Gardener Volunteers (NEMGV) are ramping up their projects for the 2022 gardening season. The Master Gardeners who manage Growing Together Nebraska Gardens donated 536 pounds of produce to food pantries in Washington County and 2,858 pounds in Dodge County, increasing access to fresh food for the food insecure. Master … Read more