The downtown lobby shows the owner’s love for art and design

By Amy Burger Special for Post The spacious downtown balcony is a perfect reflection of Steve Lassie, owner of Stylist / Salon. He moved in less than a year and spent a lot of time making the place feel like home. Located in the Bankers Loft Building, the open space and significant square footage, especially … Read more

Vegetable Principles

Today we are talking about ticks in humans. During the hot and dry seasons, ticks are everywhere, especially on tall grass and trees. When working around dense shrubs and tall grass, beware of ticks. To protect yourself, put a hat, a long-sleeved shirt, lace-up shoes and long pants in your cafe socks. Spray your clothes … Read more

Mark National National Volunteers Week

As we celebrate National Volunteers Week, April 17-23, we will be joined by the Nebraska Extension Master Gardener Volunteers (NEMGV). NEMGVs are volunteers, recipients of the Nebraska Extension, which covers horticultural topics, from insects to trees, and everything in between. NEMGVs are committed to their community, volunteering their knowledge for 4-H and other youth programs, … Read more

Sarah Browning Catching – Little Blues is also the regular of the year.

Sarah Browning for Lincoln Journal Star The Permanent Plants Association is a professional horticultural business organization dedicated to improving the plant industry by educating on the promotion, promotion and use of permanent plants. The year 2022 is a year of small blues, schizophrenia, and ornamental species. For those of you who enjoy the sublime beauty … Read more

Cosinoino fights with squirrels in your garden

Carmen Cosentino special to the citizen I have two bird feeders outside my breakfast window, and squirrels are always there, trying to find grains falling to the ground or dragging a bird too close. Finally, I found two squirrels that were not fit for food. Then, of course, they learned to climb the ladder and … Read more

Make backyard and garden charcoal boards fun and healthy food project for your kids

March is National Dieting Month and to celebrate, I suggest you make a fun and delicious charcoal board for kids. The word charcuterie is a French word meaning meat – “chair” and cooked – “cuit”. Charcoal is a method of cooking, preserving, and displaying pre-cooked meat products, mainly pork, bacon, ham, and sausage. It comes … Read more

Principles of gardening

Wasps are a large family of insects, including snails and yellow jackets. They are all powerful predators of many common garden pests. Some members of the family, unfortunately, damage the fruit and cause painful wounds. Yellow jackets and other wasps kill beetles, beetles, ants and caterpillars. Do not destroy their paper nests unless you think … Read more