Shoprite: Lenasia equips communities with small-scale farming skills Market display

Mlungisi Mathebe, a horticulture teacher, initiated the Zitshalele Outreach Program in Lenasia to create awareness about environmental care and the benefits of planting crops and growing trees. n He believes small-scale farming is key to addressing food security and his partnership with Shoprite, which has supported food garden programs since 2015, was a natural fit. … Read more

Why beekeeping NZ requires Kiwis to be ‘curious’

A bee carries pollen in a flower basket on its hind legs. Photo / ApiNZ Photo Contest 2022 Grand Prize Winner / Revati Vispute Bee Awareness Month is not only about supporting bees, it’s also about protecting food security, said Beekeeping Executive Director Karin Koss. “It’s in our best interest to keep bees alive, because … Read more

Complaints about simple kiwifruit shelters are urgent.

Man-made crop protection structure on Whakatane District property boundary. Photo / Provided Complaints about kiwifruit shelters blocking natural light have prompted the Bay of Penitentiary Council to review the regulations. Whakatane District Council last month agreed to lower the decibel level for loud bird scaring devices pending a public consultation after rural residents complained about … Read more

The actual number of Kovid cases can be four times higher – expert

Refugees fleeing Ukraine are struggling in difficult circumstances, borders are being opened for backpacks, and families with low incomes for fuel and food have recently reached the New Zealand Herald. Video / NZ Herald The exact number of Kovid cases in the community remains a mystery, experts warn, quoting quadruple. The prophecy comes as New … Read more

Grow Your Own Prison Coromandal Online Gardening Course – NZ Herald

Learn Parchment Gardening Online with Pakaraka Permaculture. Photo / 123rf Kitchen Secrets Have you watched The Humble Yum Yum yet? Each week, Raj interviews Kiwi celebrity about life, love, family, fame – and food. Former guests include Holly Smith, Tana Umaga and others. Ganesh, the owner of Kumeu Taste Shade, is sure to always ask … Read more

Eltem Sustainable Garden Features in a New Garden-Sharing Platform

Aaron and Melissa Jacobson offer garden tours and workshops for those who want to learn more about small insect farming techniques. Photo / provided “No one loves me. Everyone hates me. I am going down to the garden to eat worms.” When Melissa and Aaron visit Rawhitiroa’s house, these opening lines from the old nursery … Read more

Weikria Prison Vegetable Trainees donate 7,000 plants to Wangangano wetland for D.C.

The first 5,000 plants were planted in the Whammarino wetlands by a group of dock workers. Photo / Karis Enderwick, Dr. Nearly 7,000 local plants, grown in the Weikriya Prison, have been donated to the Department of Plant Protection (DOSI) and planted in an internationally significant Wanganano area near Tea Tawata. Whangamarino covers about 7,000 … Read more