Ghosh Bridge designs to be unveiled.

Professionals and students in landscape architecture will study the Interstate 80 bridge this week and develop designs for a possible Buffalo Bridge replacement. The public is invited to view the results. The team includes students selected from landscape architecture programs at Iowa State University and the University of Illinois, along with the Landscape Architecture Foundation, … Read more

A special sprouting soda was placed at the Iowa State Jack Tris Stadium

AMES, Iowa – Iowa State University Football Stadium is getting new grass. Jack Tris Stadium was last sod new in 2008. Now is some new turf time. For the first time, Iowa Sports Surplus, in partnership with Iowa State University Horticulture, is working to build a soybean farm for Jack Tris alone. ‚ÄúThis is the … Read more

Reiman Gardens launches the series “From Earth to Heaven” for beginners

Reiman Gardens has launched a new program for beginner gardeners this month. Screenshot from YouTube Reiman Gardens is launching a new program for novice gardeners. Soil is a 12-session program that lasts until February and lasts until September. Rayman Gardens has previously taught gardening with various successes. “We’re in a strange pocket,” said Sarah Merritt, … Read more

The state of Iowa celebrates December graduates.

AMES – More than 1,800 graduates received degrees from Iowa State University in December. The graduation and graduation ceremonies were held December 17-18 at the Hilton College. Lisa Shulte Moore, Professor of Natural Resources Ecology and Management and Iowa State Bio-Economics Institute, spoke at the graduation ceremony. Retired Welsh Fargo Home Home Mortgage in Des … Read more

The Iowa State Landscape Design, Installation and Management Program pays for the University and its students

When gardening students place a sub-base in the sidewalk rehabilitation. Daily by Jack McLean / Iowa State Students of the University of Iowa State Department of Horticulture gathered to renovate the sidewalks and stairs on campus. The students, led by Dr. Grant Thompson, an assistant professor of horticulture, started landscaping construction management last week as … Read more