Adachi Museum Garden Receives Japan’s Best 19th Anniversary | Asahi Shimbu’s Breaking News, Japanese News and Analysis


YASUGI, Shimane Prefecture – Japan’s most beautiful garden, here at the Adachi Art Museum, for the 19th consecutive year, according to a study by the US-based Japanese Garden Journal. The well-maintained area covers an area of ​​170,000 square meters and consists of six areas: a dry landscape garden, a mosaic garden and a white pebble … Read more

It is planned to increase the export of technical textile products by 5 times in 3 years. Headlines

Union Trade Minister Puush Goyal said on Friday that the plan is to double the number of technical textile exports in five years. The Minister is speaking to representatives of the Indian Technical Textile Association (ITA) in Delhi. “The center will support PLIs in the regions that support the development and will provide infrastructure such … Read more

[Corona ni Makeruna] Harvest brings apples from Japan to France, designed with famous images

~~ ~ On October 26, apple boxes and other designs decorated in front of French President Emmanuel Macron were shipped from the Japanese capital Apple, Hirosaki, to France. Sato Fukuroten Co.Ltd, an agricultural equipment vendor in Hirosaki, North Aomori, prepares these apples for an annual volunteer exchange between Japan and France. The apples are adorned … Read more

The Mexican market is opening its doors to import British pork

Mexican farmers and food producers are now ready to take advantage of a new market in Mexico to open its first pork market. British exporters can enter this new market, which relies heavily on high-quality pork. A.D. By 2020, the UK’s pork exports would have cost more than 1 421 million to our economy, reaching … Read more

Compensation: Cleaning of utility lines in Raleigh Court premises destroys decades of shady garden

Langon road dwellers cut down trees and cut them down for the Apapalia power company, leaving only tree debris. Employees of a tree-cutting company employed by the Appalasian Power Company cut down branches and trees in the backyard of Jerry Molles in the Raleigh Court neighborhood on August 4. One day, another worker cut down … Read more