Pineapple Farmers Railway to Delhi | Kochi News – Indian Times

Workers unload pineapple boxes from the Nizamuddin Express in Delhi to the Ernakula junction on Wednesday. Kochi Lite, one of the largest pineapple farmers’ associations in the country, has sent its first pineapple to Delhi by train. The association on Wednesday shipped 2.5 tons of pineapple to the Delhi-bound Nizamuddin Express from the Ernakula junction. … Read more

KMRL to start gardening | Kochi News – Indian Times

Kochi Pages: Kochi Metro Railway Limited (KMRL) has been approached by the Department of Agriculture on 17 hectares of land in Canada, where the proposed BIS project is underway. The Department of Agriculture accepted the proposal and asked KMRL to undertake preliminary activities such as tree felling, clearing wells, sowing fences and weeding. Land in … Read more

College to train students with disabilities in horticulture | Kochi News – Indian Times

Thiruvananthapuram ፡ as part of the Kerala Social Welfare Mission, Velani Agricultural College is providing a six-month training course on physical education with behavioral science to students with disabilities. Classes will begin before November 14. The college accepts 30 students over the age of 18. They must have a medical certificate proving their disability. Classes … Read more

Ernakulam Agri Horticulture Association faces eviction | Kochi News – Indian Times

KOCHI: Ernakulam Agri Horticulture Association, which has been hosting the woreda’s flower show for 38 years, has received a notice of reprimand from the revenue authorities for accumulating debts. The community working near the district court has been asked to lease 1.6 rents since 1976. The land on which the community works is Parambock land … Read more

Dist | Kochi News – Indian Times

Thiruvananthapuram: Arish Mission is collaborating with Harita Ralam Mission (HKM) to grow herbal gardens in 90 health facilities in Kerala. Of these, seven gardens are coming into the district. The gardens are being set up in selected outlets in Sidda, Ayurda and homeopathy facilities. Gardening is taking place in various health facilities. Selected distributions in … Read more