From Guns to Garden Tools: Transforming Fear into Hope for Change

MADISON (WKOW) – Author and activist Shane Claiborne came to Grace Episcopal Church Saturday afternoon to respond to rising gun violence in Madison. “It’s really centered around this idea that change is possible,” Claiborne said. Claiborne hosted a “Battle Gun” in Madison, named after his book, “Battle Guns,” where he invited loved ones to speak … Read more

‘Native Gardens’ on stage at the Racine Theater Association

RACINE – In the comedy “Native Gardens,” Norgey Metzinger plays a lawyer who excels at practicing law but lacks landscaping knowledge. Thus, his character Pablo del Valle has a “barren backyard.” It’s something Metzinger can relate to. “My skill level in landscape painting can only be matched by my skill level in figure skating,” said … Read more

Why ‘September is the new May’ when it comes to planting flowers – Jordan News | Latest news from Jordan, MENA

On the brink of fall, the direction of the flower garden may not be viral social media images. And it may not excite the weary gardener.Add announcement But don’t stop now. According to Jenny Rose Carey, longtime florist and vocal believer in options for the coming weeks, “September is the new May. Of course, it’s … Read more

Council Garden Residents’ Book Club ‘Writing in the Garden’

Council Gardens held “Reading in the Garden” on August 12. Senior residents read their stories and poems in “Writing in the Garden: Volume 1.” Council Garden is an affordable high-rise apartment complex made up of one mid-rise and eight garden buildings on 8 acres in Cleveland Heights, according to the book. Since 2019, the writing … Read more

The A&E Calendar is the best for local entertainment

Registration for the Summer Studio Youth Arts Education at Huhkinson Arts Center, 15 Franklin St. “Sherman and March to the Sea” by Jim and Joyce Hendrix on Civil War’s Day 30-3 Re 30 at the Mecker County Museum, Hall, 308 N. Marshall Ave., Litchfield. . Introduction is a membership, which includes free e-mails that anticipate … Read more

Behind China’s new herb garden, decades of struggle

A.D. On April 18, 2022, the Chinese National Plant Garden officially opened its doors to the public – the first time in 80 years that a proposal had been made. And even though he did not see it happen, Hu Xiansu, who spent all his time trying to bring the garden to life, was no … Read more

Now it’s time to plan your fairytale garden, apps open.

Fantastic gardens are open for the fourth annual Dougwood Trail. Palestine Tourism has received more than 30 applications for fairytale gardens at Davy Dougwood Park. Davy Dougwood Park has more than five miles of driveway, but Mary Tour Ram, marketing manager of Palestine, wanted to get people out of their cars and look at the … Read more

Belfast Libraries, Local Schools will accept books donated by the Belfast Garden Club.

Belfast – The Belfast Paradise Club has donated 22 new books to the community this year. “It’s the hard work of our 100+ members and the generosity of our community that allows us to respond in these ways,” President Barb Gaj said in a statement. “Donating books to schools is in line with our goal … Read more

Kenosha County ADRC to co-host free exhibitions “in the garden”

Despite his illness, Jim Pounds plays the role of Arthur, who never loses sight of the splendor and joy of the world around him. Purchased photo For Kenosha News The Kenosha County Aging and Disability Relief Center, along with the RRC and Walworth County ADRCs, will host a virtual exhibition called “In the Garden,” the … Read more

The light of hope

For three nights, September 9-11, guests filled every seat in front of the Annie Malon Children’s and Family Services Center to watch and listen to Ville’s story by Shakespeare, a group of legendary singers, and the first dramatic writing in and around the area. Photo by Philip Hammer Villa – Revenge! – The play, sponsored … Read more