The community garden offers fresh produce

– Messenger file photo Laura Ludgate, a volunteer at Growing Together Donation Garden, holds freshly picked green peppers from the garden. In the year By the end of the 2019 growing season, the garden had produced over 140 pounds of fresh vegetables that were donated to Lord Cupboard’s Food Pantry and the Salvation Army. A … Read more

Want the outdoors? Take teacher naturalist training from the University of Illinois

MARION – The University of Illinois Extension program is seeking adults who enjoy spending time outdoors and are interested in volunteer training for an Illinois Master Naturalist. Horticulture instructor Kim Rohling said the course teaches adults about nature and how to be good stewards. It includes classroom and field training. Illinois Extension will host hybrid … Read more

A quick and easy DIY bird seed ornament for the garden

During the harsh winter months, up to 100 different species of birds supplement their natural diet with seeds and vegetable bird feeders. Adding a small bird feeder to your yard during the colder months can help these little critters, especially if their natural diet is scarce. You may already have the perfect bird table or … Read more

The Purdue study shows that Indiana’s growth is paying off for Hoosier farmers

Purdue study shows Indiana Grown delivers value for Hoosier farmers

Indiana-raised member Rachel Boyer, owner of Rachel Converse in Indiana. Indianapolis – Indiana Grow worked with Purdue University’s Department of Agricultural Economics to determine the economic impact of the program supporting Hoosier farmers, showing that every dollar spent through the program generated $0.97 in additional economic activity in Indiana. Consumer survey results show over 33% … Read more

Special crop block gifts are awarded


Todd PittingerJanuary 24, 2023 The Kansas Department of Agriculture has been awarded $780,776 through the 2022 Special Crop Block Grant Program. Funding for the program was provided by the US Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Marketing Service. The objective of the SCBG program is to increase the competitiveness of specialty crops. According to the USDA, … Read more

Utica Shale Academy seeks $2.4M to expand footprint

SALINVILLE – Utica Shale Academy is looking for more expansion and has applied for $2.4 million to build a new building in Salineville. Superintendent Bill Watson said an application was submitted to the governor’s office in Appalachia to help build a $4.8 million, two-story building for the academy on East Main Street. Located adjacent to … Read more

The Veterans Farm Program offers free training

Whitaker Small Farm Group, Inc. Seeking veterans and their dependents interested in learning how to grow and care for edible and non-edible plants. The 18-month program aims to help soldiers transition from the military world to green lawns, healthy gardens, thriving houseplants and delicious produce. In the year Launched in the fall of 2021 by … Read more

Illinois weed sales peak in 2022, literally.

As the saying goes, “money doesn’t grow on trees,” but in Illinois, it does grow on cannabis plants. In the year By 2022, the state will reach a marijuana milestone for adult-use marijuana sales, according to data released by the Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulation. But what does one do with all that … Read more

Utica Shale students build skills

Featured photo Sophomores Olivia Dixon and Victoria Redman add a new floor to the Utica Shale Academy’s new building at the former Huntington Bank in Salineville. Students are learning construction trades at the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) and completing projects around the station and community, including a landscaping project … Read more