PIC receives state funding for the drone education experience

of Westmoreland/Fayette, Inc. (PIC) Private Industry Council recently received a $7,500 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to provide a drone educational experience. PIC received the funds from the 2022-23 Pennsylvania Farm Bill to increase the agriculture component of the drone program and add four more slots to serve 29 high school students who … Read more

December Record Flash-Snow Plant Advisory – “Wait and See”

Wait and see” has been the mantra of nurserymen and horticulturists since December’s flash-snow. Plants may look miserable after the previous record-breaking temperatures, but most will survive with little or no damage. Brown-black broadleaf evergreen and evergreen needle trees and shrubs recover as spring progresses. Normally, these plants shed a third of their leaves and … Read more

Giving gardens grow for a reason

“The humidity and the sun are great,” said Carol Gasper, who says her lips don’t get chapped from working in the greenhouse during the winter. Carol Gasperson chats with a colleague at the CSME Giving Gardens on Friday, Jan. 27, 2023, in Columbia. Gasperson worked at Giving Gardens for nine years before taking a few … Read more

The Purdue study shows that Indiana’s growth is paying off for Hoosier farmers

Purdue study shows Indiana Grown delivers value for Hoosier farmers

Indiana-raised member Rachel Boyer, owner of Rachel Converse in Indiana. Indianapolis – Indiana Grow worked with Purdue University’s Department of Agricultural Economics to determine the economic impact of the program supporting Hoosier farmers, showing that every dollar spent through the program generated $0.97 in additional economic activity in Indiana. Consumer survey results show over 33% … Read more

A welding program inspires a career idea for Devin.

Blake Devin is in his fourth year in the welding program at the Marshall County Technology Center. He plans to gain experience working in a co-op program as a senior and work full-time after graduation. Devin is a senior at Marshall County High School and is this week’s Associate General Contractors Western Kentucky Technical Center … Read more

A fruitful work

FAYETTEVILLE – Walk through the fruit section of your local grocery store or farmers market and you’re unlikely to pick up a grape, peach, nectarine, blackberry or blueberry with John Reuben Clark’s fingerprints on it. During his 42-year career with the Arkansas Division of Agricultural Systems, he was a fruit breeder at the Arkansas Agricultural … Read more

Commissioners approve $2.2 million for Lincoln County Schools to fund salary increase

LINCOLN – At their regular meeting Monday evening, the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved an additional $2.2 million in funding to help the district cover state-mandated pay raises for various employee categories. Superintendent Dr. Aaron Allen appeared before commissioners to request additional funds from the 2022-2023 county budget. “This time last year, the … Read more

New winning varieties of flowers and vegetables

It’s never too early to start planning new additions to gardens and containers this year. Start compiling your list now so you’ll be ready to order your seeds or pre-purchase plants when the selection is so large. Consider including a few All-America Selection (AAS) winners. These plants are “nationally tested and certified local” for their … Read more

Magic Circles: Microclimate

as if Published January 22, 2023 07:02 am We all know ‘that’ yard. We are drawn to each other in each neighborhood. Plants seem to grow in any season. Nothing “screams” (a gardening term that refuses to live for one more minute, no matter what the gardener does); Plants live in an arboretum. Daylilies and … Read more