Grow Your Own Prison Coromandal Online Gardening Course – NZ Herald

Learn Parchment Gardening Online with Pakaraka Permaculture. Photo / 123rf Kitchen Secrets Have you watched The Humble Yum Yum yet? Each week, Raj interviews Kiwi celebrity about life, love, family, fame – and food. Former guests include Holly Smith, Tana Umaga and others. Ganesh, the owner of Kumeu Taste Shade, is sure to always ask … Read more

Gardener Peter Cudal has died at the age of 94

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Peter Kundall, a gardener who has been sharing his passion on television for 39 years, signed it in 2008 and died in Tasmania, where he grew up at the age of 94. Kundall, host of the long-running ABC television program Guardian Australia, was a self-taught gardener who helped countless Australians design and grow their gardens. … Read more

Arp Paradise Club celebrates its 80th anniversary

Arp Paradise Club celebrated its love of gardens and orchards for eight decades in a late ceremony on Wednesday due to Covd-19. In honor of the statues of the Blue and Gold Star families who have lost their service members, the club members joined the dignitaries in the organization’s memorial plot and the city park … Read more

A new prayer garden near Colorado Springs provides quiet places for meditation, meditation

In the spring he found a quiet refuge for prayer. Flat roads are lined with cotton and Chinese tree trunks, fountain creeks rolling happily. Real peace floats on the hot summer winds. This is a Christian-based Gateway prayer garden where anyone can spend some time quietly talking to their Creator. Mark Spingler, director of Gateway … Read more

The disappearance of Albert Albert’s wife Lina Zhang Harap leads to murder investigation – NZ Herald

Albert, a 28-year-old woman, was last seen walking near her home. Photo / NZ Police The tragic death of the Oakland woman, who was involved in the murder investigation, has been revealed. Lina Zhang Harap, 28, was forced to leave her home by Mount Albert at around 6am yesterday morning – a time when locals … Read more