Burns, Improving Parks Approved by Chandigarh MC Finance Panel

The Municipal Corporation (MC) Finance and Contract Committee (F&C) on Wednesday approved the proposal to purchase and install three incinerators in a rehabilitation facility. ₹Birr 30,000 and the development of eight parks at an estimated cost of primary and secondary horticulture in the industrial area. ₹44.79 thousand. In the Japanese Garden Sector 31, Chandigarh is … Read more

Chandigarh MC to set up a plant to process vegetable waste

Chandigarh Municipal Corporation is set to set up the first horticultural waste processing plant in the city, and the bidding process is expected to begin next month. The factory produces fruit and vegetable waste (maintained by local charities) from residential areas, sector parks, and by the management and the MC. The city produces an average … Read more

Chandigarh: MC app to automatically update service requests, complaints

Chandigah Municipality Corporation is working to improve all citizen services and use a user-friendly mobile app. The new features will be added and the processes for using the services will be simpler and more logical in the Im Chandigarh application, which jointly offers MC and Chandigarh Smart City Limited services. An important aspect of the … Read more

MC About Projects, Experiences | Chandigarh News – Indian Times

Times News Network Chandigarh – Building & Roads (B&R) and MC Engineering Department Horticulture Senior officers from both wings described the work in their respective areas, including the financial situation and related issues. The B&R Wing spoke about the road red carpet work in the city, its status, the length of the roads, the timing … Read more

In the midst of a shortage of workers, the virus-free New Zealand border is set to reopen

Prime Minister Arder will unveil a strategy to reopen on Thursday Labor shortages hurt businesses, trigger inflation Nurses, midwives call for better pay and conditions Wellington, August 9 (Reuters) – New Zealand Prime Minister Jassinda Arder is set to reopen the country’s borders this week amid pressure from businesses and the public sector, which policymakers … Read more