Hyderabad has won the ‘World Green City Award’ beating Paris Bogota. Watch the video to find out why

Hyderabad is the only Indian city shortlisted to win not only the category award but also the overall World Green City 2022 award in 6 categories, making Telangana and India proud. Last Friday in Brazil, it won the World Green Cities Award, beating 18 other world cities including Paris, Bogotá, Mexico City, Montreal and Fortaleza. … Read more

Montreal welcomes city gardens that offer free vegetation – Montreal | Global News

The social movement that started in England has gone to Not-deme-de-Grisse (NGG). Incredible grain is a global initiative that encourages urban dwellers to make better use of green spaces. A group of enthusiastic gardeners looking to follow in the footsteps of a small community in Toddorden, England In 2013, NGG’s incredible insanity initiative began. Read … Read more

Montreal wants to block many single-plastics, many pesticides

Montreal: The city of Montreal is looking to block more single plastics and more pesticides by March 2023 and more plastic bags by December 2022. Planned by the administration on Wednesday called for a change. Prohibited pesticides include glyphosate, chlorpyrifos and certain neonicotinoids. “The harmful effects of pesticides on health are growing,” said Mayor Valerie … Read more